Friday, 29 August 2008

Black Tricks

Strolling carelessly down the streets of Camden Town, anxiously trying to settle in the nearest hide out available. My ears are blooming to the jitter jabber jangle of
‘Tommy Fylns’ so I felt obliged to attend

Struggling all the way through the passage way, and taking each step as if it will be the last we finally come together into comfortable maintained circle of our own. However we are all bound to break away when the next performance act arises.

Bang of the drums, the winding of the chords and tapping of the feet, the four strapping lads were revving to go. Their front man Joel introduces us to his group
‘The Black Tricks ‘. However I think all, including myself are more mesmerized by all their superior looks, so I can see why attention follows these lads by far.

They blow us out, entertaining us with their character appearances in this piece act of their own. Their influences range from Jimmy Hendrix to Oasis. Combination packed into one. They have moral support from ‘The Skallywags’ who have been recently just been presented with an ‘INDY’ music award. Sure tips are thrown to the boys as they have clearly nabbed this cat in the bag.

Their tunes are pretty deep with tracks such as ‘Look what you have done to me’, ‘Without you’ and ‘Hanging on ‘. For sure someone has trampled on one of these boys hearts and kicked it to the edge of the curb. As time goes by the energy is reaching the max as if Mr. Fylns is going to burst into flames

Going North, South, East and West these boys are stopping with no rest. Check them out you will not be disappointed.

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