Monday, 23 November 2009

Kasabian Rock Out Wembley

The word phenomenal sums up slightly last night’s extravaganza. Having their London
dates sold out back to back within hours of sale, you expect the boys to throw out
something special.

Taking the place of Oasis it seems these guys had a lot of pressure put behind them
especially for the London fans. Being played at none other than Wembley, the crowds were beginning to become trapped like sardines in a tin as they scampered to the front.

The Sheffield born Rockers, otherwise known as Reverend and The Makers showed their
support by playing a few hits before, to really get the fans in the mood for the show. They performed classics like ‘Heavy Weight Champion of the World’ which become a household track for many. However most of the middle-aged men were more captivated by Laura Manuel, the only woman out the bunch, in her tight short black number as she played the keys.

The arena was jam packed now, as spoil sport as it sounds I was rather glad to be seated near the stage. I didn’t quite fancy being bruised from head to toe in the moshpit as fans were raging a frenzy. As usual everything went dark before they made their grand stage entrance. You could feel the heat building up from all the anticipation of excitement.

The psychedelic foursome blasted it out like there was no tomorrow. Psyching up an intro, up to the space of 15 minutes, that is hard to do, when you want to keep the audience’s interest. Lights were flashing beyond belief, wrapping them up in a box in the centre. It was quite a sight, I have to say.

Bursting into ‘Empire’ was a perfect choice to start the show off. It blended well with the maxed out intro which had fans stargazed from the start and bringing goose bumps to the surface of my skin. All four of them had a vital part in the performance, all in eye view, not showing nerves at all.

Performing track after track with their old and new releases really kept the crowd going. Having the audience singing word for word back to them was pretty serial.. Every single soul was out of their seat giving all the energy they had left. Nothing was predictable; every song had a twist one way or another.

The highlight of the night was the guest star appearance from Noel Fielding ( Mighty Boosh’s middle man). He performed with the boys through the single of ‘ Vlad the Impaler’ where he also appears on their video. He was all over the stage, playing well to the character of a serial case murder(no acts took place of course).
To end on a high, this is a strong statement to make but one of the best shows I have seen this year.

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Being a mouthful of a name Get Cape Wear Cape Fly is a pop electro acoustic / emo assemble made up of Sam Lloyd Duckworth and his band. Apparently the name comes from a ZX Spectrum magazine, of the solution to the Batman computer games. Right.

Being around for five years or so they have definitely learnt a trick or two.
Duckworth grew up in none other than South end, Essex and still only being 23; he has gained some skills under his belt. Whether this is from going on tour with a variation of bands like ‘Flaming Lips’, ‘Ok Go’ or just storing years of experience along the way.

Atlantic Records signed multitalented Sam to their label after playing many gigs throughout the years with both punk rock band Silverskin and of course Get Cape Wear Cape fly (otherwise known as GCWCF. If it helps).

Releasing his debut album not soon after ‘ The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager’ became an outright success. Leading it to be in the top 100 of 2006 by Q and NME. Which burst his festival schedule to the max with the big names such as Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds.

Not ending there, he was nominated for best solo artist for the NME awards against Lily Allen and Jarvis Cocker. But sadly did not win this time. But got the chance instead to perform at the BBC Prom’s that isn’t so bad heh?

Taking disappointment on the chin well he released his 2nd album ‘ Searching for the How’s and Whys’ which was released in March 08. Featuring guest vocals from platinum selling artist Kate Nash on the track “ Better Things” but you will also find Billy Bragg on there too. Who wouldn’t want to buy the album?

The first single released from the 2nd album was ‘ Find The Time’ which reached number 33 on the UK Top 40 chart. He also performed in the most talked about C4 programme to date ‘ Hollyoaks’ as part of gig staged in the village. If that isn’t fame what is.

On a different note, he has had run-ins with the BNP after a racist attack in a nightclub two years ago, and has now become an avid supporter of Love Music Hate Racism. As well as being a fair-trade supporter.

Being at a standstill for a while and taking on other projects. It is exciting to know there are some demos up on the old MySpace that are really not bad. It shows what a break can do. Check them out, as this guy has potential. I’m sure he will appear out of the woodwork again.

Friday, 13 November 2009

The Invisible Profile

Mercury award nominees ‘The Invisible’ are a three-piece duo that put music before their looks. Combining all their skills and maturity together they have produced something quite special in the London music scene.

Having their music described as indie post rock can become quite tiresome for many upcoming bands, but they are worth holding on to, I can assure you. The band’s tongue- in-cheek definition of their style of music is Experimental Genre- Spanning space hop, if that is anything to go by. They have been compared to the likes of Bloc Party and TV On The Radio; even though they have all strongly lattered these suggestions.

Dave Okumu, jazz extraordinaire front man and guitarist of the trio, brings soulful lyrics to their tracks and gives it that extra edge that rock bands don’t seem to have these days. Being a member of a London based Fusion community F-ire Collective for many years. He has also worked alongside musicians such as Djanjo Bates and Finn Peters.

The three friends started working together in late 2006 and quickly developed into a full band. Having previous projects before, Tom Herbert the bassist and Dave Okumu were originally in a band called Jade Fox. But things sadly didn’t work out for the two and they went their separate ways into their own solo careers.

They started working together again, but this time Leo Taylor came into the equation. Due to their mutual fusion scene connections they were snapped up straight away by Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records, which spawned the production of the band's first official release. The one-track 7-inch Vinyl "Constant".

Being highly rated and praised throughout the industry, these mature folk really can’t go wrong at the moment. Having toured excessively with the likes of Hot Chip and The Foals has really pushed up their statuses before putting out their first single of the debut album “London Girl”.

They have received high recognition for their debut release and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the lads. Reaching nearly 5 stars throughout and praises from left, right and centre. With quotes such as “Instantly marked out by its breathless scope and uncanny intensity. The sound of ambition paying off”

Q Magazine.

Their singles having been remixed by numerous artists such as Hot Chip, Micachu and Mathew Herbert, has given them that extra boost I’m sure. Adding the synthesizer by Tom always gains brownie points and gives it that added twist.

From scampering through their album, made me take an instant liking to these guys. Now being shifted onto my iPod they are now permanently stuck. Their music can be enjoyed by all ages as its so easy listening and chilled. You could put it on in front of the grandparents and I’m sure you won’t hear a peep. Being booked up in the diary, you should go out of your way to see what these soulful three have to offer. You never know you might just like it…