Tuesday, 25 May 2010

TeenagersInTokyo- Artrocker


Holly Eells catches up with Teenagersintokyo, who are in fact on their way to Rome while the interview takes place. Globalisation, huh?


Where did the name Teenagersintokyo come from?

It's a phrase that we picked up many years ago. I can't remember exactly where or why, but we liked the sound of the words together and it stuck.

Are any of you from Japan yourself?

None of us are Japanese, but those of us who have been there on holidays have loved it. It's a really lovely place and everyone I met when was there was super nice. We hope to tour there someday as we've heard the crowds are amazing.

Four girls, one guy... unusual assemble wouldn’t you say?

Not really, it's just the way that things have turned out for us. We didn't pre-plan to have this configuration.

I have two sisters and I know what it's like - there must be some rivalry sometimes?

As we've all known each other for so long we're kind of a little family. There isn't much rivalry. Actually it's pretty non existent. We're pretty good at pushing each others buttons sometimes. That's about as tough as it gets.

You guys are on the road solidly at the moment, what are the pros and cons?

We love being on the road especially as this is the first time we've been to a lot of these places around the UK. It's sort of feels half like a holiday. The other day we were driving back from Cornwall, so we made a detour to see Stonehenge. The cons are not being able to stay long enough in places and the lack of sleep, but I guess that comes with the job, so it's not really something you can complain about.

What you looking forward to most out of that busy diary of yours?

As long as the ash cloud stays out of our way, going to Rome this week is exciting. As is The Great Escape Festival and Liverpool City Sound, both of which we've heard great things about. It's going to been nice to check out some bands that we've been wanting to see as well.

You have a debut album set for release soon, care to tell us more about it?

The album was produced by David Kosten, known for his work with Bat For Lashes. We recorded part of it at Bryn Derwen Studios by the mountains in Wales and part of it in London at the end of last year. For us it sums up our collective experiences from our EP till now and we've spent a long time labouring over it, so it's good to have it ready for release.

Who influences you the most?

Everything influences us because there are five of us with similar yet different tastes, anything and everything finds it's way into the melting pot. Some influences would be Talking Heads, Neu, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Prince, The Knife, Crowded House...it doesn't end. We're also influenced a lot by film.

Which bands or artists tickle your fancy at the moment?

At the moment I'm really feeling Hearts by oOoOO, what I've heard of the new Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti album and Matt Van Schie. Miska and I are also still totally obsessed with Fleet Foxes' album.

Anything else you would like to add?

Linda and I are sitting in a cab on the way to the airport to go to Rome. We've never been to Rome before so nothing to share on that front, but here's a little Paris tip that we want to share: look up the ‘is it gold scam Paris’. It's quite a funny...

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Operator Please-Artrocker


Hello guys, can you explain what ‘Operator Please’ means?

As far as a specific "meaning" it doesn't really hold one to be honest... ha! It was more of a brainstorm to find a name that didn't start with "The"

Your new single is ‘Back and Forth’ - tell me a bit about it.

Back & Forth is the 2nd single set for release from our album. I guess this is the most ‘girly’ song I have had to date. For such a long time I was too scared to show a tiny bit of vulnerability in my songs, but I guess there comes a time to do these things, eh?

You also have an album looming too; would you say it’s different to your previous work?

I think it is. For me it was more about refining the pop influence in our songs. I think this record is a little bit more direct and allows room for gaps and spaces rather than having 5 instruments pushing forth all at once.

Lyrically, I think there is less of a mask too. On the last record everything was metaphors, inviting people to make their own interpretations. This time around I stripped away a bit of that and became more direct.

How big is your fanbase over in Australia?

I guess we go all right? Ha ha. We're not Wolfmother, Jet or The Vines but I think it's pretty decent. Everything is just a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things though.

Operator Please has been around for a several years now, any regrets you would like to share?

It sounds optimistic but I can't really pin point anything that I want to stab myself over! I think what bothered me a lot was releasing 'Ping Pong' as a first single rather than a 3rd or 4th... but then there are reasons that counteract that decision as well - so it's a bit of a ‘catch 22’ really.

What is your biggest achievement as a band so far in your career?

Being able to keep making records and touring in other countries other than your own. I think it's one thing to be able to achieve touring your own country and building something solid but to then get the opportunity to take it to a totally different place is a whole different level.

You have had a few members in the past, are you five going to stick together for a while?

I'd like to think so! But I guess because we've been together as a band since high school and grown into touring life, people eventually change. Some people can't handle being on tour for long periods of time and some people can't handle working in a close proximity to 4 other people. I can't really say. I do think that the band is currently the best it's ever been.

What are your plans for the next couple of months?

We'll be rolling the album out - and promoting it. We are doing an Australian tour with Tim & Jean + Chaingang which will be amazing. It's always good to tour with friends and writing and demoing in any down time we get. We are pretty much playing shows though from here on in! Hopefully see us later on in the year!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Animal Collective The Movie on the way


Artrocker.TV has attended a sneak preview of the forthcoming movie by psychedelic recluses Animal Collective.

The band have recorded an entirely new album for the film, known as ODDSAC, however according to reports, the audio won't be available in any other format but the film.

According to our reporter, the film took four years to make;

"The freaky images are enough to give you nightmares, but coupled with multiple narratives and concrete music (as usual) it's all rather like falling down a psychedelic black hole!"

Sounds perfectly enjoyable to us. ODDSAC will be available on DVD from June.


The Union Chapel couldn’t off been anymore convenient for the sister act duo and friends otherwise known as Cocorosie. Selling out both nights, I was doubtful this was going to be a good night and had very high expectations. The mind blowing atmosphere was intense with urging fans waiting around in the semi circle of pews packed out right to the back, it was overwhelming.

The core of their music is a slash between a wide range of opera, hip hop beats, drum and bass twists, and blues, how does this possibly work? It doesn’t matter, the sound is original and has never been experimented before, or so I know. Maybe it’s the French influence or maybe they are all just being eccentric genesis with no boundaries in the way. In other words very talented individuals.

With several studio albums under their belt their next album to be released is ‘Grey Oceans’ which is out this week. They offered us various tracks of the album giving us a taster for what’s going to be in store. Having a mixture of all ages as an audience, they really must be doing something right to have such an appeal.The girls were all over the stage, playing instruments from all categories, it was remarkable. This is what you call real musicians who enjoy playing music.

I found myself perched on the end of my seat throughout the whole evening, I was truly captivated with their nonsensical lyrics and of the edge beats and faultless show. Cocorosie have a list of endless gigs over the next couple of months taking them all across Europe. So if you fancy seeing something creative and innovative, Cocorosie are up your street...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Artrocker-The Islington Boys Club


Who are the Islington Boys Club?

We are four boys from Islington who play really good music.

In the last couple of months or so you have really come out of the woodwork. Where are you headed?

We would like to release a record - that’s the most important thing to us at the moment - hopefully by the end of the year. Bigger venues would be a lot of fun.

You're all very different from one another. Does this cause conflict or enhance you as a group?

I think it’s a really good thing, we do have a lot of different influences and I think that’s what makes for interesting music. The guys will bring new music in, and it might not be something you'd listen to in the first place. We're just really open minded, up for discussion and we all work together.

So who's the brain behind the music?

We all take responsibility, we're all in charge of our own roles. We all work together and mix together. However we all have to agree on the song for us to play it live and record it. At the end of the day we all have the same goal, as long as it doesn’t bore us or the audiences.

How would you describe your music? I find it tricky to pinpoint to be honest.

What we really like is that loads of people say different things. We would say intricacy, contrast, dynamic... but we have very different comparisons to other bands.

Like Who?

Suede, Blondie, Placebo, The Who...

Who in the band gets the most attention?

Well if you're in a band, no-one really comes up to you to say they think you're good - it's always about the other member etc. It’s one of the hardest things when you are starting out as a band, having constructive feedback. Having critical feedback is quite hard to come by but it’s really good to hear. In answer to your question... we are a collective, we all get the attention.

How long have you been together for?

We have been together exactly a year.

What's your biggest achievement to date so far?

I don’t feel like we've achieved that much... apart from Daniel’s moustache. Ha ha!

Anything else you would like to add?

We are playing Stagg and Dagger, No Time of Heroes on the 29th May and June 10th Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.