Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Festibelly 2010

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pre Coverage Festibelly

O Children
What are you looking forward to most at Festibelly?
Being in Hampshire for the first time and seeing The Big Pink again. I've only ever seen them once and it was a pretty impressive show.

How is Festibelly different to any other festival this summer?
I've never been but from what I've been told it's one of the smaller up and coming festivals. The way I see it this means I get to see bands and hang out without feeling too crowded. This is a good thing.

Will you be checking out any artists, if so who?

The Big Pink, King Charles and Sombrero Sound System. I've never heard the latter but if it goes down the way I think it will it will be amazing.

Is there anything special you have planned for your performance?
Come down and you will see.

Man Like Me
What are you looking forward to most at Festibelly?

Being situated in one place and not having to mission it around like the bigger festivals

How is Festibelly different to any other festival this summer?
It's right by the sea so when it all comes to an end you can get over it with a come down trip to the isle of Wight

Will you be checking out any artists, if so who?


Is there anything special you have planned for your performance?

No I usually work that out 5 minutes before the show

My Tiger My Timing

What are you looking forward to most at Festibelly?

We're looking forward to getting happily drunk on a nice sunny day in the English countryside. And playing obviously.

How is Festibelly different to any other festival this summer?

It's on a really nice scale - the gap between established bands and newer bands isn't too big and it feels like the line-up has been carefully thought through so it works as a whole rather than just being shoved together.

Will you be checking out any artists, if so who?

Always like to see O. Children and Man Like Me.

Is there anything special you have planned for your performance?

We'll be playing some songs from our new album, we're still recording it so this will be the first time anyone has heard them.

Lulu and The Lampshades

What are you looking forward to most at Festibelly?
I've never been before so I don't know what to expect. I like the fact that it's small, those are my favourite, and I've heard nothing but good things. Plus it's in a forest, perfect.

How is Festibelly different to any other festival this summer?
Can I answer after?

Will you be checking out any artists, if so who?
Johnny Flynn and Man Like Me are long time favourites, I'm looking forward to O’Children too.

Is there anything special you have planned for your performance?
We were recently listed as five feisty females so perhaps we'll put Dan in a wig and grow a new member.

The Enchanted Hunters DJ’s
What are you looking forward to most at Festibelly?

Its nice to get play a intimate festival! plus one half of the Enchanted Hunters is from the area so will be super fun.

How is Festibelly different to any other festival this summer?

It’s a hidden gem, the perfect untouched festival

Will you be checking out any artists, if so who?

We Love the Big Pink

Is there anything special you have planned for your performance?

Well we always like to add a little sparkle to our set!! Expect a good old dance..



As I entered the scenic Brecon Beacons of Wales, I felt a sigh of relief and a sudden burst of anticipation to be leaving the heart of London town. Selling their tickets out in record time, Green Man Festival has become vastly popular over the last couple of years, entertaining our brains with an astounding musical line up, comedy, theatre, literature and other additional activities.
Pulling in headliners like The Doves, Mumford & Sons, Flaming Lips, Joanna Newson and Laura Marling to name a few. They really couldn’t go wrong as an independent festival who managed to grasp on upcoming bands who are just finding their feet in the industry.
Apart from the torrential down pour on Friday, it started like clockwork with an assortment of acts taking place amongst the four stages, making it incredibly hard to make the decision where to go next.
Friday’s highlights kicked off by the familiar O’Children, who performed their psychedelic post-punk tunes to a packed out audience, of some of whom were there for support, others hiding for protection from the rain. Their gloomy trips and deep lyrics interlinked with the black skies, becoming unexplainably endearing.
They say never judge a book by its cover and this was surely the case with The Boxettes as they are five regular girls from South London just waiting to be discovered. Their extraordinary talents mixing with a beat boxing phenomenon left my stomach turning with excitement. All blending well together, their timing was right on key making the word unique a definite understatement as my mouth was firmly on lock down as they left the stage. Do I really need to say anymore...?
Fuck Buttons did their thing as usual, making my feet move from start to finish, leaving me lost in the music. Their concentrated passion throughout the set didn’t go unnoticed bringing crowds in from left right and centre. After that it was anyone’s guess...
Saturday kept the high going with the young multi talented Mancunian’s, Egyptian Hip Hop, who seemed daunted by the outcome keeping their heads firmly down, however this didn’t faze them keeping everything minimal yet imaginative.
Saturday’s all stars goes to the Flaming Lips, who produced a mind-blowing set, releasing giant balloons, streamers, bright colour strobes and Wayne Coyne going across the audience in an inflatable ball. Despite being crushed beyond belief the burst’s of adrenalin really kept me going but this needs to been seen to be believed.
Darwin Deez, Field Music, Bear In Heaven, Laura Marling got Sunday afternoon rolling, preparing the evening folk for exclusive treats. Several enjoyed the heat wave lounging around while listening to their favourite tunes while others mooched from tent to tent.
The vastly popular Mumford & Sons and Joanna Newsom ended the rural festival with a blast, a perfect ending some might say. However it wasn’t an end for me till I caught up with Gold Panda’s electro beats before he goes off to the American shores.
See you next year.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I.D- Green Man Festival


Green Man is celebrated for its varied musical line-up and the unique creativity it nurtures. Set in the picturesque Brecon Beacons and alongside River Usk, this rural festival offers an eclectic selection of music, literature, film, theatre and comedy.

Evolving from an independent one-day, three-hundred capacity event in 2003 to a three-day festival, Green Man has grown to accommodate substantial crowds, selling out of tickets ahead of this year's event in record time. With more room to roam around and to be able to capture the impressive views and landscapes, visitors of all ages are provided with activities, stages, secret gigs and tents packed full of quirky activities. As well as music, aspects of culture, sustainable living and environmental consciousness is also central to the event.

i-D Online's 2010 highlights included These New Puritan's brilliantly energetic live performance in the Far Out Tent, American basketball vest-wearing Megafaun playing uplifting rockabilly folk, Summer Camp's 70s slideshow backdrop featuring old family photos, adolescent discos and bowl haircuts, The Flamin' Lips' Wayne Coyne running across the crowd in his trademark bubble as well as the UK premiere of the remarkably candid Leonard Cohen documentary Bird on a Wire (last shown thirty-eight years ago), entertaining recitals from punk poet John Cooper Clarke, The Sunday Carnival which weaved its way around the Welsh site and, last but not least, the huge 'Green Man' made entirely of tree bark, burnt on Sunday evening to mark the close of the festival.

An unbelievable experience, Green Man is more than a festival; it's a journey those who attend once choose to repeat again and again.


Text Holly Eells and Rebecca Morris

Monday, 23 August 2010

Shaky-The Duke and The King.

Release new single 'Shaky' on September 20th on Loose Music / Silva Oak; album 'Long Live The Duke & The King' follows a week later



Band Alert- Niteflights

Who are Niteflights?

We are Adam, Sam, James, Joe and Mandeville.

What have you guys been up to this summer and what is in store for you in the near future?

We made a few videos and demos but mostly we’ve spent the last 3 months re-writing our entire set from scratch. We decided to stop playing live for a while, so there was no pressure and wrote constantly instead. I don't know what will happen to us, if anyone does I would appreciate them telling me.

Who is the brains behind the music and who writes the lyrics?

Brains? That could start a bad argument…and I’m not sure brains exist. As for words, they are usually attributable to the person who is singing at the time. Sam sings the most words, he has the most emotions…

Appearance seems important to you guys is this the case?

Does it really seem that way? We’ve got a good friend who tells us what to wear and a kind photographer who takes us on days out. We keep up appearances.

Why should people listen to your music and how is it different to any other band trying to break though?

They might like it a lot. What are other bands trying to break? I don't think we want to break anything. We're very gentle people.

As a band what are you hoping to achieve and what is your ultamite goal?

I’d probably be happy if everyone named their children after us.

I like your videos will there be any more of them popping up soon?

Thank you! Yeah, isn’t the lighting fantastic? Did you pick up on the subliminal messages? We haven't got any planned, but if you like them maybe we will make some more.

Anything else you would like to add before we sign off?

We’ll be showcasing the fruit of our labours at 93 Feet East on the 11th of October for free…and look us up…you spell it “Niteflights.”

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Artrocker.TV’s 5 bands to catch at Green Man 2010

Heading off to the delights of Green Man this weekend? We thought we’d hand it over to our reviewer Holly Eells to give you the low down on who she’s eager to hit up in mid-Wales, and nabbed a couple of them for a chat…

Don't forget to follow @ArtrockerTV on Twitter as Holly Eells will be Live Tweeting from the event all weekend.

For more information on Green Man 2010 and to see the full line-up check out www.greenman.net


Green Man might long have been sold out, but as Girls’ frontman Christopher Owens told Artrocker: “The jobs not done until everyone goes home talking about what a good time they had, so we'll celebrate later”.

“This is the year of playing every festival I’ve never been to before,” he continued, offering up who else he’s keen to catch at the festival “I hope to see, El Goodo, Egyptian Hip Hop, Islet, First Aid Kit, and I've always always wanted to see Joanna Newsom so there's a lot I'm looking forward to”.

Artrocker: Have you got anything special planned for your performance?
CO: “I plan to heal the sick and turn water into wine. Our management and UK label are Welsh; I think this festival may feel a little closer to home than others for us. Other than that we're waiting to see, just like everyone else.”

See them: Far Out stage, Sunday

Flaming Lips

One of the main draws of this Brecon Beacons extravaganza are the legendary Flaming Lips. Still going strong after 25 years, it would be an utter tragedy if you didn’t spare a thought to see them headlining the main stage for the Saturday line up. Largely respected in the music industry – possibly for being as mad as a box of frogs – they will be offering us eagerly awaited new material from the forthcoming double-whammy that is ‘Embryonic’ (release due October) and, fingers crossed, they will be playing an old hit or two.

See them: Main stage, Saturday

Egyptian Hip Hop

It seems the Artrocker favourites are offering up a bit of a love-in when it comes to shout outs, if EHH’s list is anything to go by anyway: “Flaming lips, Metronomy and Girls. We’ll probably see some more, but those in particular”.

Artrocker: Have you been to Green Man before?
EHH: “Nope, but I hear it has a good reputation as a festival”.

Artrocker: Have you got anything special planned for your performance?
EHH: “Perhaps, you will have to wait and see really”.

Artrocker: What makes Green Man any different to any other festival?
EHH: “The location I guess is something different, but I don’t know that much about it”.

See them: Far Out stage, Saturday

Hands up. Our very own Holly Eells can honestly confess to not really being a fan of the fetching Johnny Flynn. Not for the fact that she don’t like his music, just due to the fact she’s not getting head over heels to indulge in this sudden craze; as yet. However, Miss Eells is really intrigued to catch a glimpse of the young folk singer, and there are great expectations of what he might bring. No doubt there will be many admirers on the day too.

See them: Main stage, Saturday.

These New Puritans

These New Purtians have had their name splashed all over the place in the last couple of years, catching a fair share of discerning eyes. Continuing their success, following the acclaim for Hidden earlier this year, they’re headed in the right direction with their “anti-experimental” twists and visual sounds we’re excited. Let’s hope they blow us away.

See them: Far Out stage, Saturday.

With these hot potatoes as well as O Children, Avi Buffalo, Tindersticks, First Aid Kit and Wild Beasts to name a few, we wish you all happy camping!