Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I am venturing over to Ibiza in the next couple of days and I am beyond ecstatic. Here is a taster of some of the artist/DJs/bands/nights etc I am hoping to see.



Tinie Tempah Live
Pendulum (El Hornet DJ Set)

Faze Action
Ian Blevins

TICKETS 40 EUROS. BUY NOW http://www.cometogetheribiza.com/- CLICK HERE

Hed Kandi @ ES PARADIS Sat 3rd Sept

Phil Faversham
Kellie Acreman
Ben Santiago
Lovely Laura (sax)
Dean Oram (perc)

It is described as 'a Hed Kandi party is like orbiting the planet in a big space capsule where laughing gas is pumped in instead of oxygen, everybody is wearing big sunglasses like the girls in HK posters and smiling so much they look like androids.

The music induces so many hands in the air moments you’d think everyone’s shoulder joints had seized up. It's wicked fun and you're guaranteed a great evening!'


FANCY GOING CLICK HERE.... http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/promoters/hed_kandi_i.htm


It is revealed by Ibiza spotlight that Amnesia is "arguably the quintessential Ibiza clubbing experience and one of the main sources of inspiration for why dance music culture has thrived around the world. Two massive rooms - one a dark cavernous cauldron and the other an expansive arena that is flooded with light when the sun rises - are guarded by the notorious Amnesia ice cannons that could strike at anytime.

Voted the Best Global Club at several of the last International Dance Music Awards in Miami, Amnesia is quite rightly considered amongst the best clubbing spaces around, thanks in no small part to the fact it hosts the world's leading DJs and brands across multiple genres."

Tonight Closing Party
Eric Prydz
Adam Beyer
Sébastien Léger
2000 and one

Annie Mac
Sub Focus
Benga (Feat: Youngman)

BUY A TICKET HERE http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night/promoters/tonight_i.htm


The Streets
DJ Fresh
Rizzle Kicks
Nicola Bear

Onwards from 2011, the parties see an even more diverse and fresh set of talent, which will combine with the official after-party, this year in Es Paradis.

See here for other events http://www.ibizarocks.com/events/news/ibiza-rocks-2011-line-up-announced/


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Friday, 26 August 2011

Rockfeedback Presents -New series to air on Channel 4

Footage from Episode 1's Primavera Sound - by clicking here:

Rockfeedback is delighted to announce that a new series of its acclaimed TV programme Rockfeedback Presents will air on Channel 4 on Monday nights at the end of August into early October 2011.

Now in its fifth series commissioned and screened by Channel 4, Rockfeedback Presents continues to search out the best in both legendary and brand new music from festivals and unique musical happenings around the world.
The first show – a half-hour special – has the team out at Primavera Sound, catching up with and documenting PJ Harvey, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, The Flaming Lips, Public Image Ltd., Battles, Explosions In The Sky, and more, as they play to tens of thousands on the Barcelona coast. It will air at 12.40am on Monday 29th August.

Over the course of the rest of the series, RF travel from Dorset’s End of the Road festival to Way Out West in Gothenburg, Sweden, and on to Germany’s Berlin Festival via London’s Field Day and Underage events to bring you words, wisdom and music each week from the diverse likes of Robyn, Noah & The Whale, Wild Beasts, The Horrors, Joanna Newsom, Bombay Bicycle Club, Laura Marling, Suede and a host more.
Presented by Rockfeedback's Toby L and Jen Long of BBC Radio 1, the pair confront both their long time musical heroes and the finest new acts around with Rockfeedback’s trademark mix of irreverence and intellect, all culminating in a uniquely enthusiastic and impassioned piece of music television.

By Matt Stay Loose


Take a look at PYRUS new collection


It is described as 'This ultra on trend cape has already been featured in Vogue and is the perfect extra layer to keep you looking fierce this season. Studding on the shoulder adds a modern element to a classic look.'

70% Wool
30% Nylon


Introducing Naomi Teal's 'A Sweet Death' S/S 2011- A/W 2011 collection.
Gold or silver plated
£ 60.00


£ 33.00


Ever thought of designing your own hotel room?

Imagine! You had unlimited funds and a hotel room...

How would you like it to look? Unleash the interior designer within you and redesign a Radisson Blu Hotel room guaranteed to match your style and taste. Create your moodboard Interior designers use a mood board when designing a room. They put images together that reflect the ambiance and the style they want to evoke.

Choose from thousands of pictures and put together your own personal Mood Board. Show us what ambience you want to evoke when someone walks into a room designed by you.
The winning design will be used as inspiration to redecorate and refurbish a room at the winner's preferred hotel.

This is your chance to stay in a beautiful hotel room
that is designed by you, for 30 days spread across a year.




Win 30 nights over a year in a Radisson Blu hotel room designed
for you and by you!

The competition runs from 1 July until 31 August 2011.

Michael Kiwanuka-I'm Getting Ready'

Following the widespread praise for Michael Kiwanuka’s debut EP, May’s ‘Tell Me A Tale’, The ‘I’m Getting Ready’ EP presents three more songs that continue to justify the early acclaim and will add to the 23 year-old’s burgeoning reputation as a unique new British voice.

Abeano premiered the EP's title track earlier this month. They said: "Soulful and utterly, utterly beautiful, Kiwanuka’s is a sound half world-weary, half languid joy and totally unbelievable. Picking up where he left off with ‘Tell Me A Tale’, ‘I’m Getting Ready’ is another piece of warmth and elegance, exquisite and engaging from the first finger pick to the last burr of Kiwanuka’s smooth voice."


Kiwanuka is a singer and songwriter with such a genuine raw talent that this early acclaim is only natural. His headline gigs have all sold-out, he’s toured both the UK and Europe with Adele, and already received many offers from well-established, acclaimed artists to work with him on new material.

Originally lacking the confidence to sing his own songs, it was upon the discovery of Bob Dylan and Otis Redding, particularly their phrasing, that spoke to Michael above and beyond anything else he’d previously heard. It led him to the back catalogues of Bill Withers, Terry Callier and more recently Laura Marling, and his own work followed soon afterwards.

His song repertoire and confidence grew as his MySpace following built, and Paul Butler from The Bees invited him down to the band’s Isle of Wight studios to lay down the foundations for these introductory EPs of rootsy, folk-inflected modern soul. ‘Paul is definitely on the same wavelength as I am when it comes to musical ideas, and I love spending time building these songs in the studio with him. It’s become a kind of perfect alliance’, Michael recently commented.

Written and performed by Michael Kiwanuka, produced by Paul Butler and featuring an assortment of Isle of Wight musicians, as well as of course Michael on acoustic guitar, 'I’m Getting Ready', 'I Need You By My Side', and 'Any Day Will Do Fine' are songs that develop upon his debut EP, and presents a young songwriter with both a real ear for beautifully affecting music, and a vocal that has the potential to become a timeless entity in its own right.

Tracklisting: I’m Getting Ready, I Need You By My Side, Any Day Will Do Fine

Michael Kiwanuka Live:

21st September – Bush Hall, London
More shows to be announced shortly.

By Matt Stay Loose

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Earthquake in Virginia felt in Washington, New York City, North Carolina


Now we're giving you the chance to experience it all again by getting your hands on tickets for V Festival 2012 before anyone else - and at 2011's prices! Next year's V Festival will take place across the weekend of 18th - 19th August, with tickets going on sale Wednesday 24th August from 9am for a maximum of one week or until the allocation sells out. Remember this year's V Festival, sponsored by Virgin Media, sold out within hours of it going on sale back in March so fans wanting to go next year are urged to be QUICK!

Tickets are available from Wednesday 24th August at 9am.


Florence and The Machine-What The Water Gave Me

Yes she is finally back... After nearly a year away from the scene, she has returned to us with this miraculous tune, which has already had me reaching for the repeat button. The six minute track is even more adventurous and her sound has surely matured, which is hard to believe as her debut album ‘Lungs’ was so highly successful.

The beats have a more edgier effect and a deeper tone then we have ever heard before from Miss Welch. Still being loyal to the harp which has it’s well deserved part in this track and has a major influence, I believe towards the lyrics.

Still showing us what Florence is all about with those high notes that guarantees to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. She has stepped away from her bad love interests and mishaps and moved onto another chapter in her life.

If I am honest there was part of me that didn’t think she would be able to achieve the same creditability in her song writing but she has surely proved me wrong.

Monday, 22 August 2011


After queuing for over two and a half hours and seeing no end to the overwhelming line my patience was wearing thin and there was a point I just wanted to give up and go home. Nevertheless I had been looking forward to this event for months so my expectations were high and really wasn't in the mood for anymore disappointment at this stage.

The organisation of the event was embarrassing and I was disgusted there was no answers how long we had to wait for. Selling extra tickets to Groupon was a big mistake for them as the number sold was way over the amount of people they could hold at the Olympia.

When we finally got in, I found myself hovering around the Sake Discovery stall with amazing summer cocktails you have never heard of before. My favourite had to be the potato and Sake. Yumm......

There were some stalls that caught my eye like Shake-up Make-up who re-create beautiful make-up designs inspired by Japanese culture, from geishas to Harajuku girls. They looked incredible.

I also had an manga drawing of my boyfriend and I.

A hands on sushi class was available, it involved a 30 minute hands-on sushi roll class by chef Atsuko Ikeda, who specialises in authentic and healthy Japanese cuisine.

Japan crafts was very much the main attraction for most of the day, especially with the young children. It offered Silk Painting, Temari, Kimekomi, Origami, Sashiko, Shibori, Needle Felting (OK so not very Japanese but tremendous fun!), Furoshiki, Kumihimo, Kanzashi.

Overall the event was average as I was expecting more different types of Japanese cuisines and variations of sushi. Instead we just had the basic samples from YO Sushi and stir fry noodles. Not for me.

However let's hope this is a lesson learned HYPER JAPAN and here are some other pictures from the event.



I arrived at my destination, which can only be described as some sort of private estate of four storey flats scattered in the centre of Stratford. I pressed the buzzer anxiously and was answered with an uneasy yet excitable voice who sounded eager to get things under way it seemed. I walked heavily up a couple of flights of stairs where I was greeted by a tall stylish brunette, hair pinned back neatly with scarf holding the rest of the hair together. An old Cramps t-shirt with short denim shorts with black tights with seam, she was a natural beauty and you can see from her conscious body language she wasn’t aware of this. She warmed me with a quick friendly hug and ushered me in through to the living room.

Kirstie’s work was scattered all over the floor with drawings and loose bits of materials everywhere and this seemed to have put her on edge “ Sorry about the mess, I have deadlines in the next couple of weeks and have just finished my internship with Omar Kashoura for London Fashion Week, so I am a bit behind.”

To me it looked like an artist at work, but I sat down on the singular chair, basically the only free piece of furniture in the room and helped myself to the readymade coffee and chocolate fingers. Kirstie took a sip of her coffee in delight it appeared a weight had been lifted of her shoulders by me being here as it was good distraction for her to get away from her work.
Kirstie didn’t waste any time in telling me that the vintage name has been damaged over the last couple of years and how the term has turned into a cliché. “People wanted to spend money on one of a kind piece, it was something that was nice and all the trendy kids wore it and it would be classed as different. But now people who shop in ‘TopShop’ for example think they can go to the vintage section and be completely different to anyone else.”

Kirstie goes further to admit it annoys her at times as certain trends have been destroyed and everything has become so expensive; Kirstie seemed to show an inkling of disappointment “1950’s has been killed, slightly ruined.”

In her first year at University of East London studying fashion design, Kirstie is a girl who really knows what she wants. Only 20 she has completed a foundation year and has worked with the likes of Luella, Country Casuals and of course Omar Kashoura. You can see the determination coming across from the way she talks and her knowledge is endless on the subject. She mentioned she would like to use these skills by doing her Masters in the future, but doesn’t see herself setting out on her own just yet.

“ I would like to do my Masters in men’s wear and after this I would like to work for a brand initially as it is impossible to work on your own successfully. You need to work for a company or alongside a designer with big responsibilities before you set out on your own, but if I fell in love with the company, I would probably stay longer before pursuing my own brand.”
You could see she struggled in describing her style icon, dazing into space at one point with a hesitant pause, I began to feel she might of not heard my question properly. “ I used to look at Madonna a lot – Desperately Seeking Susan, three years ago I was really into Betty Page, 50s style, but as for now, I don’t really have one. But I have a friend at the moment who is doing men’s wear in Paris for Givenchy as she is really influential.”

Kirstie typical style at the moment would be described as late 80s early 90s casual wear but her favourite piece of clothing is coats she said, “ I have a lovely fur coat that was my mum’s back in the day, it’s a trench swing coat with leopard print collars and cuffs.

Revealing she is particularly fond of her Stelf 80s jeans, even though the button has nearly ripped off and the zip is broken. Kirstie still brings out her first purchase of vintage clothing, a knitted rose jumper which has made it through many winters.

She revealed her secrets and tips on how to get the best deals on vintage clothing these days, “EBay is the place to go to get things cheap and the most expensive thing I brought is a sailors trunk for only £60.”

All depending on what her mood is Kirstie fashion style can be any look however something that never changes is her love for vintage jewellery. Being her most treasured possessions, from second hand stalls to family air looms, Kirstie is always seen in her trinkets. But her obsession of 45 head scarf’s that hardly get worn anymore has got a bit out of control.

Being so unaware of her trendsetter looks, she is first to admit her disastrous outfits. “I have a cringe when I look back at myself, my ‘emo ages’, wearing hair extensions down to my waist and heavy eyeliner, overly sewn jeans with saggy crotch and urgh something left in the past.”

Free Grace Jones download

Grace Jones - Well Well Well Dub by GraceJones

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Boicotts- I don't want to be your boy

THE BOICOTTS EP by Trashmouth Records






Selected and produced by Rough Trade Shops, we bring you a lovingly compiled 22-track CD exclusively featuring artists playing at Green Man 2011, aiming to sonically distil the festivals ninth annual summer shindig into one lovely listen. What better way to bring back the memories from a hazy, lazy, crazy weekend in the comfort of your own home – or maybe conjure up that special Green Man atmosphere?

The CD will feature brilliant songs by Green Man 2011 headliners Fleet Foxes, Iron & Wine and Explosions In The Sky, as well as recent tracks by Josh T Pearson, The Low Anthem, Gruff Rhys, Holy Fuck and Squarepusher. There’s a generous helping of US lo-fi and folk from Sic Alps, Suuns, Lia Ices and The Cave Singers, a Breeders-esque offering from She Keeps Bees and an excellent crop of European singer/songwriters including Treecreeper, James Yorkston, Hannah Peel, and Our Broken Garden.

The Green Man 2011 CD is not released until Monday 29th August but you can lay your hands on a copy early at the Rough Trade Shop on the festival site, the first 100 copies of the limited edition varnished sleeve version get a free exclusive Rough Trade/Green Man 2011 Tote Bag.

*On a separate note, please support the record labels affected by last night's fire at the PIAS UK warehouse. A great deal of stock has been destroyed by the sound of it and all the independent record shops affected need your help. Buy a CD today!


Rough Trade Shops have brought their legendary store on tour to Green Man Festival again this year so make sure you pop by and say hello whilst you browse through the selection of cds, vinyl, books and merchandise they’ll have on sale. This year Rough Trade Shops is located next to the Courtyard Bar and in front of the Far Out Tent, making it all the easier for you to grab that essential album by the acts you’ll be enjoying on this year’s bill. Make sure you’re updated on any exclusive signings or impromptu busking sessions by following us on Twitter @RoughTradePopUp. Open from 10am til late.

Keep your ears to the ground for some secret acoustic performances and exclusive signings in the Rough Trade Shop during Green Man 2011. So far, we have signings confirmed by Jane Weaver, Jeanette Leach and David Pinner as well as an in-tent performance by The Leisure Society. Josh T Pearson will also be performing and we will be selling an exclusive Rough Trade Shops only 6 track official bootleg vinyl, which you’ll be able to get signed by the man himself after his acoustic set in-tent.


Listen out for Rough Trade Shops Radio Show on Green Man Radio this year, don’t forget to pack your wireless and tune in to 87.7FM.The Rough Trade shows will be broadcasting on Saturday from 3pm – 4pm as well as Sunday from Midday – 1pm.


We have a pair of tickets to give away for Green Man Festival 2011. For your chance to win, all you have to do is email nina@roughtrade.com with the answer to the following question…

QUESTION: What two cities link Josh T Pearson's first band?


FULL LINE-UP can be found...www.greenman.net



Monday, 15 August 2011

Madness launch their very own House of Fun‏

A Festival of Madness!

House of Fun Weekender

The Madness Butlins Takeover Line-Up Unveiled

25th-27th November 2011

Camden’s own Nutty Boys, the legendary Madness, are taking over Butlins Minehead this November, curating a sensational line-up of bands, DJs and comedians. Handpicked by the magnificent seven themselves, the House of Fun Weekender will showcase the hottest up-and-coming acts, alongside old favourites across three-days of festival fun by the sea.

Madness said of the event. "Life is a series of beautiful moments, this weekend is a moment in time where you can, we hope take some beautiful moments home with you. Please endeavour to introduce yourself to as many as possible, make new friends, dance, sing, laugh, give support, create joy, be decent, spread the love and most of all enjoy yourselves as much as you think is possible, you know it makes sense"

With their tenth album currently in the works, Madness will be playing a career-spanning extravaganza over the weekend, with a few extra-special surprises up their sleeves.

The weekend will be packed with top class performances from the likes of the mighty los hermanos Cubanos, The Cuban Brothers, DJ Jerry Dammers, beatbox superstar Beardyman and a set from eclectic powerhouse DJ Andrew Weatherall. Heavyweights The Whip will bring the party, and Norman Jay MBE will be providing yet another classic set. Mr Scruff will grace us with more than three hours of freestyle beats, whilst Squeaky Hill, Marc Roberts and Toddla T & MC Serocee will provide the bass driven rhythms. Check out some arcade-electro rhymes from Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, and digital-ska maestros Man Like Me.

We have a wealth of comedy acts on show, who will provide side-splitting entertainment just for your pleasure! The amazing talent we have for you includes Bob Mills, Junior Simpson, Nick Wilty, Al Barrie, Kevin McCarthy and Ben Norris with 8-piece horn and percussion ensemble, Brassroots, Wagontails. As if our stellar musical line-up wasn't enough, we're also treating you to some of the best comedians around!

The amazing ex-Housemartins and Beautiful South singer Paul Heaton will be one to see, along with Marcus Birdman, Gordon Southern, Michael Smiley and incredible improv-rapping with Abandoman. Halifax Hospital Radio’s very own Barry Peters will make a special appearance, with zoot suited soul flavours from The Milk, electro-swingers The Correspondents and Radio 1’s leftfield master Rob da Bank. Don't miss DJs, Justin Robertson & Greg Wilson or Brit-Rock Poppers Missing Andy. Watch legendary darts players Wayne Mardle & Peter Manley for something a little bit different, or check out late night treats from Marc Roberts and a ninja-mash-up from Jaguar Skills. DJ sets from Don Letts and erstwhile Specials kingpin Jerry Dammers are sure to get you dancing.

Future garage don Doorly will be unmissable, along with Marc Roberts and Craig Charles’ Funk and Soul Show. We are in for a treat from El Thommo in the form of Lee Thompson’s Ska Orchestra and the Irish Bar will host odd-ball merriment from Squeaky Hill and sing-along japes with Rockaoke all weekend long. You can score a strike with the Bowling Disco plus there will be a very special Madness Pool Competition.

To book the House of Fun Weekender, or for more information, call 0845 070 4730 or visit www.butlins.com/madness (The maximum call charge is 2p per minute from a BT landline. Calls from other networks may vary)


@madhouseoffun / #houseoffun


Full line-up



Paul Heaton

Dan le sac v Scroobius pip

The Cuban Brothers

The Whip

The Correspondents

Man Like Me

Missing Andy

The Milk

Barry Peters

Brass Roots

Wagon Tales

Jerry Dammers dj set with Dennis Alcapone, Roger Beaujolais, Harry Brown & Damian Hand


Rob da Bank

Mr Scruff - keep it unreal

Norman Jay

Jaguar Skills

Andrew Weatherall

Craig Charles funk and soul show

Greg Wilson

Don Letts

Toddla T & MC Serocee


Justin Robertson

Marc Roberts

Squeaky Hill


Bob Mills

Ben Norris

Nick Wilty

Marcus Birdman

Al Barrie

Gordon Southern

Kevin McCarthy

Michael Smiley

Junior Simpson



Wayne Mardle

Peter Manley

Butlins has three beachside resorts, Bognor Regis (West Sussex), Minehead (Somerset) and Skegness (Lincolnshire) and welcomes around 1.5m guests per year.

Butlins won the Tourism and Leisure Training Team Award, as well as the Overall Winner Award in the Training Team category at the Customer Service Training Awards 2011.

Named as the Training Team of the Year in 2008, Butlins clinched the title of Best UK/Domestic Tour Operator at the British Travel Awards in 2010, along with the UK Customer Experience Award in Travel, Leisure and Tourism. It is part of Bourne Leisure Ltd which also owns Warner Leisure Hotels and Haven Holidays.

By Bruce Get Involved LTD

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Cure Design Exclusive Guitar for Bestival‏

Win a Cure Guitar at Bestival
Bestival has teamed up with The Cure and Schecter to offer an exclusively designed guitar to three lucky winners. The guitar of choice for Robert Smith, these beauties have been specially pimped in honour of The Cure’s Bestival 2011 appearance and will be signed by the man himself!

Robert Smith told us: "The UltraCure limited edition Bestival Curetoon Schecter is the grooviest guitar in the world!"

While Schecter Guitars say: “We are proud to partner with The Cure for this amazing event! These UltraCure guitars are adorned with special Curetoon/Bestival art which are destined to be a collector's item. The UltraCure, designed by Robert Smith has been his main guitar for both the stage and studio for the past 5 years!”

Robert Smith will draw three names 'out of a hat' backstage just prior to The Cure's Saturday night headline performance, and the Curetoon Schecter guitars will be shipped to the winners once Bestival 2011 has ended.

To win, simply text ‘Cure Guitar’ followed by the answer A, B or C to 70099.

What time do The Cure dream?
A) Midnight
B) Noon
C) 4:13

Texts will cost £2, you can enter as many times as you like and best of all, the dosh will be donated to the charity lovecats of Ataxia UK, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and St Catherine's on the Isle of Wight.

Win a lifetime's supply of Bestival tickets in our Fancy Dress Comp
As we know from years gone by, creativity knows no bounds for you lot. So in return for giving us an upfront glimpse of your amazing fancy dress creations you could be in with a chance of winning a lifetime's supply of Bestival tickets!

All you have to do to enter is send us a photo of you dressed up in your Rock Star, Pop Star or Diva get-up to fancydress[at]bestival.net and we’ll post them on our Facebook page in a Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas photo album. The Village People will then choose either the most radically rock n roll, the topper-most of the popper-most or deliciously Diva-ish costume from all of the entries on Friday 2nd September and the winners will get their hands on that coveted lifetime’s supply of Bestival tickets, whilst two runners-up will bag a Bestival hoodie each, so make sure you email your pics in for your chance to win! ??

David Hodo, the "Construction Worker" of Village People told us: "Village People dress up in costumes every time we go on stage. It will be fun to judge other people who get dressed up also. We are so looking forward to being judges at the competition for Bestival 2011."

While Bestival head-hippie Rob da Bank says: "Righto folks its time to get your needle and thread out, dust down your wigs and get your brains into gear for the fancy dress theme, Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas. Bestival kicked off the whole theming of festivals 8 years ago and i'm really proud that everyone still make the efforts to get escapist and lose themselves in some crazy gear all weekend. This year The Village People are waiting to see your creations in advance and the winner gets a lifetime supply of tickets to Bestival and I’ll be personally checking you've all made the effort for the parade on Saturday afternoon. Don't be shy!"

Tickets only:
www.ticketline.co.uk/bestival-tickets // 0844 888 4410
www.ticketmaster.co.uk // 0844 847 1742
www.seetickets.com // 0871 230 0010
www.hmvtickets.co/events/3740 // 0843 221 0100 (plus HMV Box Office Stores)
www.viewtickets.co.uk // 0870 242 1235

Tickets only AND Tickets & Ferry Packages:
www.redfunnel.co.uk/bestival // 0844 844 9988
www.wightlink.co.uk/bestival // 0871 376 1000

Tickets, Coach & Ferry Packages:

Ticket Prices:
Adult Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £170
Student Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £160
Age 13 to 15 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £85
Age 12 and Under Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - FREE (but you must obtain a ticket)**

NB: Please click here for full ticket information, terms and conditions.

And finally, you can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bestivalfestival and Twitter @bestival, while @robdabank is the place to find the juiciest info as it happens. And last but not least, our Bestival Blog www.bestiblog.net is updated daily with news, videos, free mixtapes and much more... check it!

Howling Bells- New Video




Howling Bells will release their new album on September 12th on Cooking Vinyl. Recorded in Las Vegas with The Killers’ Mark Stoermer producing, The Loudest Engine will be preceded by a clutch of live shows, including a London date at the Electric Ballroom on September 15th.

The album release will be preceeded by single "Into the Sky", out on September 5th. Here is the video:

A raw, psychedelic third record, and the sequel to 2009's "Radio Wars", the recording of "The Loudest Engine" saw Howling Bells, the Australian-formed, London-based four piece comprising singer/ guitarist Juanita Stein and her brother Joel (lead guitarist), drummer Glenn Moule, and bassist Brendan Picchio - forge a sonic union with Nevada's expansive surroundings and Las Vegas's street-soiled vibe.

Says Stein of the album, “There's a singular sound which is more folk and rock than our last two albums, but it's interpreted in a modern sense. It wasn't a conscious effort to make a '70s tinged record. It was a very natural progression.

"The album shows that we're 21st century kids making a modern psychedelic record. [It] is our grown up record. The first was about that great initial leap, the second was us exploring different waters. This one is us, all having met at one place, at one time. I think this record will change people's perspectives of the band."








By Sure Shot PR

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Video: Pete And The Pirates

'Half Moon Street'

Pete and the Pirates release the video for their forthcoming single, 'Half Moon Street'. Featuring the band taking some girls out on what can only be described as a polygamous date its by turns endearing and outright funny! http://youtu.be/yhjaeeUpPAE

Pete and the Pirates will release ‘Half Moon Street’ as a digital download single on August 29th before embarking on a headline tour of Europe beginning September through to November.

By Nathan Anorak London

Reverend And the Makers record riot inspired song

In light of recent events, Reverend and the Makers have recorded a new song ‘Riot’ which is available to watch on Youtube now.

Lead singer Jon McClure writes:

“I watched the events unfolding on the news the other night same as everyone else and was gutted to see the buildings on fire and people losing their businesses. the same way many of us have seen this coming for some time.

Watching the news put me in mind of an old unfinished track that we had worked on. This is that track. Its free, it’s not a money thing in any way but i feel it my job as an artist to talk about and react to what's happening in my own way. this isn't part of any forthcoming reverend album, its not gonna be a political record in the slightest but to keep schtum when there's rioting in the streets just ain't me. hope you enjoy”


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Young Knifes- Vision of Rags

Young Knives announce the release of ‘Vision In Rags’ the third single from, ‘Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’, described by Time Out as ‘their third, and best’, on September 12th . ‘Vision In Rags’ melds the band’s well known piquant lyricism to a carnival swing fit to grace Notting Hill Carnival. The track features a legendary name and had an odd birth as The House Of Lords explains:
The Lyrics were done by chopping up the original song lyrics and re-arranging them and glueing them back onto a big piece of paper. The final recording of this song as we used an old analogue rhythm generator set to 'bossa nova' to get the hissy drum machine noise. You can also hear Congas being played by the legendary percussionist Lenny Castro who has played with Toto, Steely Dan, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder. All recorded in Steely Dan's Drummers Studio over a Woolworths Keyboard and a toy steel drum while the crickets serenaded the night sky.
Young Knives continue their progress through a hectic summer of festivals with appearances at Truck Festival, Kendal Calling and Leicester’s Summer Sundae before the season is out, all dates are listed at www.youngknives.com.
The band have also been announced as headliners on the Dance To The Radio Stage on Thursday 25th August at Leeds Festival.

By Tasha Anorak London


‘Vomit’ is the first taste of Girls forthcoming album ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’ which will be released in the UK on 12th September 2011 on Fantasytrashcan / Turnstile.

Girls UK and European November dates are now on general sale. The tour will see the band playing five UK headline dates, including a London show at the 1100 capacity Electric Ballroom on 9th November. Girls have also just been announced for the Primavera Club 11 line up.

Niteflights Debut Single - Marine.

'Marnie' - Niteflights from Pierre Henri Landriau on Vimeo.

Niteflights - Marnie by EUPHONIOS

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Is Tropical go on tour

IS TROPICAL have announced dates for their UK headline tour this September, in support of their recent debut album “Native to” released in June this year on KITSUNÉ. IS TROPICAL will also be playing this year’s Underage Festival on Friday 5th August.

Full dates:

05/08/2011 London, Underage Festival

20/09/2011 Southampton - Joiners

21/09/2011 Cardiff - Clwb Ifor Bach

23/09/2011 Nottingham - The Bodega Social Club

24/09/2011 Sheffield - The Harley

25/09/2011 Manchester - The Deaf Institute

26/09/2011 York - Stereo

27/09/2011 Glasgow - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

28/09/2011 Liverpool - Wolstenholme Creative Space

29/09/2011 Bristol - The Croft

04/10/2011 London - Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

Buy tickets here: www.artistticket.com/IsTropical

Formed in 2009, the IS TROPICAL line up of Gary Barber (Vocals / Guitar / keys), Simon Milner (Vocals / Guitars / Keys) and Dominic Apa (Drums & Programming) have developed a country wide reputation for their stunning live shows. Taking to the stage in their trademark masks, and cloaked by self-made video projections, they improvise constantly changing soundscapes, effortlessly swooping from raw pop anthems to lo-fi dance songs with fantastic results.

Watch IS TROPICAL being interviewed on the English Riviera, talking music, crabs and oysters: http://crane.tv/#video/v/211157093950-cc8b23e3/Is-Tropical

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My Tiger My Timing.

My Tiger My Timing are back with their third single 'Endless Summer'. Released on their own label Snakes and Ladders, it is now available to buy.


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