Thursday, 11 June 2009

Dont Panic ( John et Jehn)


By Holly Eells

As part of a whistle-stop dash round Europe, the enigmatic partnership known as John et Jehn have briefly surfaced in London. We ran into them on a council estate and robbed their thoughts.

Hello John and Jehn!! If people don't know who you are already tell us a bit about yourselves and what makes you that little bit special?

JO: We are French first of all and we are just a duo who make rock and roll music.

You have a new single out on the 20 April - very exciting. Give me three reasons why people should buy the 7".

JE: It's the beginning of a new series of songs we have done that we produced ourselves in France. We are very proud of it because we can feel the improvement of our writing and producing. It's a big step.

Tell me about All my Love, your new single.

JO: It tells the story of how I kidnapped her as a lover and musician.

How did you meet? Are you an item? Is this a problem?

JE: Yes we are, and it's no problem. It's the complete opposite. It's just very easy to work and live the same life at the same time. The work is better; we are going faster and stronger. No problems at all, we are together and never missing each other.

What made you want to make music together?

JE: We were both musicians before but there is a difference in age so he had more experience than me. Music is the only thing I can do so I needed to get busy because I was going down and down.

JO: Jen was the answer to all my problems and she was generous to join me in the music. Being a couple making music you never get bored and every day is different. Music makes no boredom.

Where do you prefer performing - France or UK?

JO: Haha you don't want to ask that question.

Haha Yes I do....

JO: If we want to make a comparison we like the audience a lot in the UK. But I have to say the promotion in London is rubbish. This is true facts. When you compare with the rest of Europe. You have to play in shit venues, have to do everything for free, but there are so many music lovers out there. It's a paradox. In Europe you play in great venues, get looked after etc but you don't get to meet the fans and it can be empty. London is always packed, it's great. We have been offered to tour with Cold War Kids and The Rakes, but have had to turn it down because we couldn't survive. However we aren't the only bands that say this... there's a petition going round saying what the f*ck is going on with London venues'.

I have been nosy. I hear you are appearing in a silent movie - very intrigued tell me more?

A festival has asked us to make a silent movie with Elise Brooks. It's an hour and 45 minutes which is quite long. We have to play in front of the film while the audience are watching. We are so used to having lyrics in a song, but on this we have to play without saying anything. It's all instrumental.

Thanks guys


Photography by Matthew Hass

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