Thursday, 2 September 2010

Band Alert- Little Comets.

Who are the Little Comets and where was your name inspired from?

We are called Michael, Robert, Mark and Matt. We come from beneath the hue-drenched hills of Newcastle upon Tyne and enjoy orienteering, casual building and discussing European cinema at our local library. Our name comes from Matt, he stepped on a comb and said a curse-word after "you little....". His girlfriend misheard the curse-word as comet....

Describe your sound for those who are not familiar with you already?

Hmmmm, someone once described us as a multi-pronged quadrilateral with jaunt, rhythym, alacrity and ablution as sides... I suppose we just try to make our music sound as authentic as the original intention was meant to be.....

Who or what is your inspiration for your music?

We get influenced from lots of different places like Jonathan Safran Foer, the-opposite-of-Michael-Gove, stories we hear and the weather...

You are set to go on a massive tour shortly, how are you preparing yourselves and could you give us some more details?

Erm yep, we're playing lots of places during October using Aberbeen, Southampton, Norwich and Cardiff as our cardinal points. The preparation is by stocking up on meaningful emotional moments, programming a new voice into the sat-nav and Matt is going to hollow out a flight case so we can sneak Michael into the travelodge undetected.

Darwin Deez has become vastly popular this year, how did you manage to be part of their tour?

Mark had a dream in which he met Darwin and they had discussed the intricacies of playing together - sharing drum kits, political ideologies, dietary requirements - the next day the phone rang and Darwin had had exactly the same dream. So we decided to fuse together that cerebral meeting in the hope that by touring we can harness the energy and save the world.

Out of the four of you, who gets the most attention of the ladies?

Either Scott or Abs.

If you were not in a band, what would you be doing now?

We'd all be something different and varied..... here's what: Mark would become the new face of Burberry, but only the scarves; Matt already speculates on currency markets so would probably make a run on the Thai Bhat; Mickey would become a doctor or inventor and I think I'd probably get an allotment or help Fahran with this pretend college.

As a band what would you guys like to achieve?

Hahaha, I don't really know, that is a hard question. As long as we get to play, write and record music then we'll be happy...... what a boring answer...... :)

Tell us more about your new single which is set for release soon?

The new single is called Isles and it is just a collection of words and notes that we wrote while we were rehearsing in Gateshead. There seems to be a strange disconnect in a lot of cities between people and their urban environment... Gateshead has an amazing concert hall used by about 0.5% of the local population, yet the main shopping street is a total mess. On a purely superficial level this bothered us, so we wrote about it.

Any band or artist you would like to shout about at the moment?

Yep, tonnes...... Psychobuildings (New York swirl pop), Peter in the Woods (Liverpudlian revival, drill beat) and this Greek artist called Leviathon Akash who paints "stunning vistas".

LITTLE COMETS "ISLES" Released 18th Oct 2010 on
Dirty Hit Ltd

Fri 24 London KOKO Club NME
Sat 25 High Wycombe Academy
Sun 26 Sunderland SPLIT Festival

Fri 1st Liverpool Academy 2
Sat 2nd Manchester Factory
Sun 3rd Newcastle Northumbria Uni
Mon 4th Leeds Cockpit
Tues 5th York Fibbers
Thurs 7th Nottingham Bodega
Fri 8th Cambridge Haymakers
Sat 9th Stoke Sugarmill
Sun 10th Cardiff Arts Institute
Tues 12th Manchester Academy 3 (DD support)
Wed 13th Hull Lamp
Thurs 14th Glasgow King Tuts (DD support)
Sat 23rd Oxford Jericho (DD support)
Sun 24th Norwich Arts Centre (DD support)
Tues 26th London Scala (DD support)
Wed 27th Birmingham Hare & Hounds (DD support)
Thurs 28th Coventry Kasbah (DD support)
Fri 29th Dundee Hustlers
Sat 30th Aberdeen Snafu

Mon 1st Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire
Wed 3rd London Luminaire
Thurs 4th Southampton Joiners
Fri 5th Sheffield Boardwalk

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