Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Poly Styrene - "Virtual Boyfriend" Future Noise Music

With the release of her eagerly anticipated solo album ‘Generation Indigo’ fast approaching (due March 28th), Poly Styrene – the unforgettable frontwoman and iconic face of the seminal band X-ray Spex – has announced her new single ‘Virtual Boyfriend’.

‘Virtual Boyfriend’ will be released through Future Noise Music on March 21st and highlights Poly’s talent for mighty, power-pop melodies. Produced by Youth (The Verve, Killing Joke, The Fireman, Edwyn Collins), ‘Generation Indigo’ showcases Poly’s humorous musings on pop culture, the internet and fashion whilst also tackling heavier subject matter (war and racism) with her politically aware and intelligent lyrics. The album isn’t just power-pop though, it takes in everything from neo-X-ray Spex punk rock on ‘Thrash City’ and ‘L.U.V’ to the Trojan-reggae infused grooves of ‘No Rockefeller’, ‘Code Pink Dub’ and ‘Colour Blind’ whilst one of the stand out songs, ‘White Gold’ attests to the power of Poly’s soaring vocals.

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