Monday, 30 March 2009

Dont Panic ( Hot Melts)

Holly Eells went to meet upcoming scouse-rockers The Hot Melts as they sound-checked before their performance at The Forum, Kentish Town.

Jamie Otsa (bass) in the blue Fred Perry top, Will Baylis (Front man) with hand over mouth, Jack Prince (drums) with the floppy hair and Jonny Green (guitar) in the keffiyeh

Hey Will. Please introduce yourself?

I’m Will and I’m the front man for the Hot Melts!

You’re otherwise known as ‘New Kids on the Rock’ - true?

Hahaha - this was James (member of Hot Melts) messing around on the MySpace.

You are with two labels. Why is this?

Well, we are signed to Wonderland records which is a branch of Epitaph.

Interesting, looks like you are very busy boys at the moment. You have a new single out, why should people go and buy it?

It’s called I wish I had never been in love and if you don’t buy it you are missing out!

You have a tour coming up - details please. And it seems you appeal to a very young audience – details on that as well.

Yes February 09 we’re touring all over the country. Very exciting indeed. Really? I thought it was all ages.

Who writes the songs and are they True or False?

I write the music, and most of it is FACT actually. Experiences with relationships and all the gloomy times I suppose, haha - top it off with catchy up beat music!

Are you guys single? I’m sure there are a lot of girls and boys who want to know?

(Bursts out with laughter) Some of us are single and there is always spare.

Highlights this year?

We went to Chicago in February to record our album which was the ultimate highlight of the year. Done several festivals including Wireless festival, which was really good, but we just finished a tour with Elliot Minor which was brilliant.


The tour? Yes there were messy times of course. Everything you expect on a tour!

Who have become your influences and made you get into the music scene?

I don’t suppose we would sound like we do without bands like Weezer and Granddaddy. We are very into 50s rock and roll like Chuck Berry and also a girl band from the 50s called The Chiffons.

Thanks Will...

For more hot melting.

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