Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dont Panic ( Frankmusik)


By Holly Eells

Holly Eells spoke to Frankmusik about UK hip hop, girls and hair metal. Vince Frank used to do fashion accessory design and beatboxing, but he's moved on from that now.

Hey Frankmusik or would you prefer to be called Vince?

You can call me Vince but most people call me Frank nowadays.

Tell me about your music and how you went from beatboxing to electronica power pop?

I did beatboxing when I was 17. It was an easy way to get into the music scene, as UK hip hop was quite big and I went into the battles, but it wasn’t really my thing. I fired my manager at the time as I wanted to start everything fresh and do it my way. My manager twisted my arm a lot of the time trying to get me to carry on all the time. I started making my own music and things moved from there.

Three Little Words and Confusion Girls are songs you have written yourself. Are they fiction or personal experiences?

All the songs I write are from personal experiences, relationships etc. I’m rubbish at relationships so everything you hear has one woman behind it or the other.

Do you prefer copying other people’s tracks or writing your own?

I have started doing both. Depends on my mood. When I’m bored of writing I will mash up someone else’s track.

You have some BIG events coming up shortly. What are you looking forward to most? The Presets one sounds exciting.

Yes, Modular. But what I think I’m looking forward to most is getting back on the road doing a proper tour; getting around England. It’s always stressful but I love it. So that will be happening early next year.

Tell me about Apparent Records?

Apparent Records is something I set up with my friend who lives in L.A. It’s basically hard to do anything at the moment as I’m so busy. I find acts on Myspace that I want to do a release with eventually on my label. I have only been able to put out a couple of my own things at the moment… next year hopefully when I have more time.

Highlight of this?

Ooh… there have been a few. However I think my highlight was a film premier I went to not long ago for a film called Anvil, which is based on a band that has been around for 30 years – a thrash metal band who are still together and they kind of suck. But the dedication is amazing. Basically they came on at the very end of a film at the Odeon West End - this thrash metal band performing in the cinema. That was fucking brilliant. I was right at the front. Hahaha…

Ever going back to accessory design?

Oh fashion accessory design, how I miss that - NOT!! If the music does go tits-up I think I would. I wouldn’t mind studying architecture. I’m coming off really cool here aren’t I?!

You’re going live at the moment and I hear you have been working with Stuart Price (producer for Madonaa and The Killers). How does that feel?

The thing is he is a Reading boy and I’m a Croydon boy so we both come from humble backgrounds. He is 30 years old and still pretty young and very down to earth. I have never really been starstruck with him. There’s no ego. I have worked with people previously with so much ego, very old school. When we meet up and work together it’s very laid back and we make music when we feel like it!

What acts you are feeling at the moment?

Gosh there are so many - apart from myself! There is so much west coast electronica going on; Castlevania is amazing. Oh I really like Philly as well. It’s a weird kind of music with a kick drum and its like 148 BPM and all hispanic kids listen to it. It’s nuts.

Thanks Vince!!

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