Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Band Of Skulls Interview- Dont Panic


Band of skulls are a three piece band who have been propelled into the spotlight thanks to global success of the Vampire movie 'New Moon'. Their single 'Friends' was leaked and subsequently included on official soundtrack of the film. However, based on their own merit they were personally asked by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to open on their U.K tour. We took it upon ourselves to catch up with the trio and discuss their increasing fame.
Hey Guys, How are you?

Emma: Very well thank you, hello.
Russell: Very good thanks.

Introduce yourself please.
Russell: Hi, I’m Russell and I play the guitar as well as singing.
Emma: And I’m Emma on the bass slash vocals.
Matt: Hi, I’m the drummer Matt.

The last year or so has been pretty much a rollercoaster ride for you, how are you dealing with it?
Emma: We’re not really dealing with it we’re just continuing.
Russell: Pretty much a combination of denial and just getting back on the treadmill everyday without thinking about it. (laughs). It’s an expression. It’s not that hard really. It’s very much like the Chumbawumba song. Lager drinks, treadmills and affiliations with political parties.

How did your track get involved in the ‘New Moon’ saga? Do you think it was the career boost you needed?
Russell: Someone sneakily leaked it out of the studio and by the time we found out it was already on the film. Career boost we needed? I guess so, definitely got a different kind of audience into our band.

What has been your stand out highlights?

Emma: Being able to play live pretty much every night of the week.
Russell: Holding an album that we are really proud of in our hands, being satisfied. And, hearing people sing-a-long to the songs that we wrote in our bedrooms.

You have just come off a UK tour and now you about to set off with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, that’s huge, how did that all come about?
Emma: I think they asked us.
Russell: The person who leads the band personally asked after us.
Emma: Which was a pleasant surprise.
Russell: Yeah it was nice…We’re a fan of their music and are really excited to up the ante, really bring out our rock a bit. Sometimes being a support band you have to be aware of who you’re working with, but yeah we are looking forward to it.

There is a single looming for release, and has been shown incredible support, but despite that, why should we go and buy it?
Emma: Buy it if you like it, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.
Russell: That sounds like a song “If you don’t like it, don’t buy it” and were making 5 copies. “I Know What I Am” will cheer you up if you’re feeling miserable, it’ll give you a mood swing like a mood ring (laughs).

Two boys, 1 girl, any interlinked romance between you?

Russell: Me and Matt are inseparable (laughs). Emma gets her own room.

Three is an odd number does that cause problems?

Russell: No, it gets decisions made, majority decision.

Who influences your alternative style?

Russell: Each other I guess.
Emma: Yeah.
Russell: I mean, we all play each others music. We all hang out and all have different interests so probably each other…that and Isle Of Wight radio (laughs).

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
Emma: I spent three years of my life living on a boat.
Russell: I came 147th in a beautiful baby competition. Damn you genes.

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