Sunday, 7 March 2010

Bon Ningen

Hey Guys

Introduce yourself please?

-I'm Yuki, playing guitar in the band.

What does Bon Ningen mean?

-Bo means stick, and Ningen means man.

How would you describe your music for us newcomers?

-heavy psychedelic cosmic chant

I believe you moved over here to study 3 years ago, why London?

-people speak english and it's the only foreign language i can manage to speak. I was thinking about New York too, but London has more own history and culture.

Were you formed as Bon Ningen in Japan or is this something that occurred over here?

-we all met here.

Your performances are pretty intense, what’s your favourite gig to date?

-every gig. seriously.

Your ideal audience?

-everyone who is bored of cool music.

Who are you fans of at the moment both here and Japan?

-we haven't got any fanbase in japan as no one knows us. but our fans here is ranged from old metal guys to east london fashionista. and some weirdos. even your grandparents.

You have taken the world by storm these last couple of months, would you take your success back over to Japan?

-hopefully. we want to go have shows there as a band from england even though we are all japanese.

What do you miss from home?

-food. convenience. weather.

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