Monday, 22 August 2011


After queuing for over two and a half hours and seeing no end to the overwhelming line my patience was wearing thin and there was a point I just wanted to give up and go home. Nevertheless I had been looking forward to this event for months so my expectations were high and really wasn't in the mood for anymore disappointment at this stage.

The organisation of the event was embarrassing and I was disgusted there was no answers how long we had to wait for. Selling extra tickets to Groupon was a big mistake for them as the number sold was way over the amount of people they could hold at the Olympia.

When we finally got in, I found myself hovering around the Sake Discovery stall with amazing summer cocktails you have never heard of before. My favourite had to be the potato and Sake. Yumm......

There were some stalls that caught my eye like Shake-up Make-up who re-create beautiful make-up designs inspired by Japanese culture, from geishas to Harajuku girls. They looked incredible.

I also had an manga drawing of my boyfriend and I.

A hands on sushi class was available, it involved a 30 minute hands-on sushi roll class by chef Atsuko Ikeda, who specialises in authentic and healthy Japanese cuisine.

Japan crafts was very much the main attraction for most of the day, especially with the young children. It offered Silk Painting, Temari, Kimekomi, Origami, Sashiko, Shibori, Needle Felting (OK so not very Japanese but tremendous fun!), Furoshiki, Kumihimo, Kanzashi.

Overall the event was average as I was expecting more different types of Japanese cuisines and variations of sushi. Instead we just had the basic samples from YO Sushi and stir fry noodles. Not for me.

However let's hope this is a lesson learned HYPER JAPAN and here are some other pictures from the event.

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