Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Florence and The Machine-What The Water Gave Me

Yes she is finally back... After nearly a year away from the scene, she has returned to us with this miraculous tune, which has already had me reaching for the repeat button. The six minute track is even more adventurous and her sound has surely matured, which is hard to believe as her debut album ‘Lungs’ was so highly successful.

The beats have a more edgier effect and a deeper tone then we have ever heard before from Miss Welch. Still being loyal to the harp which has it’s well deserved part in this track and has a major influence, I believe towards the lyrics.

Still showing us what Florence is all about with those high notes that guarantees to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. She has stepped away from her bad love interests and mishaps and moved onto another chapter in her life.

If I am honest there was part of me that didn’t think she would be able to achieve the same creditability in her song writing but she has surely proved me wrong.

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