Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Salt Flats.

Fleetwood Mac Songs EP by The Salt Flats

The Salt Flats are proud to announce their second EP, which is due for release on October 17th 2011. A collection of four beautifully crafted Fleetwood Mac songs pieced together with vocal harmonies to die for. The Salt Flats say; “When we started to think about songs for a new EP, some more unusual candidates started to appear on the shortlist. So whilst recording some demos we thought it could be interesting to work on several by the same artist, trying slightly different approaches with each song. We'd already tried a Fleetwood Mac song, originally sung by Lindsey Buckingham, but we realized that the combination of Katie and Cara's vocals would be a good starting point for trying more”.

So from there we experimented with some of the lighter songs and sounds. The drum machines and Omnichords worked with the simplicity of songs like "Never Going Back Again" and the drones of the Harmonium, Eastern Reed Instruments and a few changes in rhythm took songs like Big Love in slightly different direction.”

The Salt Flats EP2 will be available as digital download from all good online stores and as physical CD at from October 17th 2011.

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