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The Dish ( La Clique)

La Clique - The Hippodrome

Written by Holly Eells | Friday, December 19, 2008 | ShareThis

La clique must be something quite out of the abnormal to be performing at the Hippodrome. Being part of the scene for over 100 years, this place has surely seen its talent from the legendary cheeky Charlie Chaplin to the wonders of Stevie. ” You didn’t go to see the show at the Hippodrome, you simply brought a ticket for the Hippodrome and went to see whatever was on’.

Merging through the hustle and bustle I finally make it through the doors of The Hippodrome.

I was faced with racing raw talents that I thought was never possible to the naked eye. Latching onto a mischievous striptease that made a disappearing hanky into a jaw dropping sensation. However there are mishaps for Miss Ursula Martinez ‘I once did my striptease with a piece of toilet paper poking out of my butt cheeks. Not a good look!’

Seductively bursting through the darkness, shimmering a dim light before her was a born again diva life like puppet. Whose soul grooves were controlled and brought through vivid life. Serge Deslariers and Enock Turcotte offered us something quite spectacular pushing their skills right to the ultimate max. Otherwise know as Cabaret Decadence if you didn’t know!

The eye boggling performance of the night was tennis wannabe Captain Frodo aka Rubber Man, which says it all. The double-jointed Norwegian appointed to us, with his bending, contorting and manipulating ability. Involving moving into shapes I thought were impossible to the human kind, to get him through tennis rackets. Frodo is defiantly one of a kind. Throughout the whole entire night he still bounced back onto the stage with various tricks up his sleeve.

‘The reactions do vary but its within a tight scale from totally awesome to insane. La Clique just has that effect on people’

I was also lightened with The English Gents ‘ The amazing feats of strength and balance are almost an afterthought‘ Still managing to charm us with their dry English Wit. David O’Mer the Adonis in Denim and the eccentric of all divas is Miss Behave. Betty Boop look-alike’s entertainment equals to sword swallowing, rose piercing, Cigar Blunting Phenomenon.

The diamond of the rock that keeps the show together is a showman with exceptional talents. Bursting through as a reincarnation of Freddie Mercury, Clarke McFarlane is born to entertain ‘ I love being centre of attention’. Being known as Mario Queen of the Circus, this guy has some front.

If you want to see a nail biting, chair gripping show this is the place to be. You have till February to grab yourself a ticket, if not you’re surely missing out of something quite spectacular.

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