Friday, 13 November 2009

The Invisible Profile

Mercury award nominees ‘The Invisible’ are a three-piece duo that put music before their looks. Combining all their skills and maturity together they have produced something quite special in the London music scene.

Having their music described as indie post rock can become quite tiresome for many upcoming bands, but they are worth holding on to, I can assure you. The band’s tongue- in-cheek definition of their style of music is Experimental Genre- Spanning space hop, if that is anything to go by. They have been compared to the likes of Bloc Party and TV On The Radio; even though they have all strongly lattered these suggestions.

Dave Okumu, jazz extraordinaire front man and guitarist of the trio, brings soulful lyrics to their tracks and gives it that extra edge that rock bands don’t seem to have these days. Being a member of a London based Fusion community F-ire Collective for many years. He has also worked alongside musicians such as Djanjo Bates and Finn Peters.

The three friends started working together in late 2006 and quickly developed into a full band. Having previous projects before, Tom Herbert the bassist and Dave Okumu were originally in a band called Jade Fox. But things sadly didn’t work out for the two and they went their separate ways into their own solo careers.

They started working together again, but this time Leo Taylor came into the equation. Due to their mutual fusion scene connections they were snapped up straight away by Matthew Herbert’s Accidental Records, which spawned the production of the band's first official release. The one-track 7-inch Vinyl "Constant".

Being highly rated and praised throughout the industry, these mature folk really can’t go wrong at the moment. Having toured excessively with the likes of Hot Chip and The Foals has really pushed up their statuses before putting out their first single of the debut album “London Girl”.

They have received high recognition for their debut release and the timing couldn’t be more perfect for the lads. Reaching nearly 5 stars throughout and praises from left, right and centre. With quotes such as “Instantly marked out by its breathless scope and uncanny intensity. The sound of ambition paying off”

Q Magazine.

Their singles having been remixed by numerous artists such as Hot Chip, Micachu and Mathew Herbert, has given them that extra boost I’m sure. Adding the synthesizer by Tom always gains brownie points and gives it that added twist.

From scampering through their album, made me take an instant liking to these guys. Now being shifted onto my iPod they are now permanently stuck. Their music can be enjoyed by all ages as its so easy listening and chilled. You could put it on in front of the grandparents and I’m sure you won’t hear a peep. Being booked up in the diary, you should go out of your way to see what these soulful three have to offer. You never know you might just like it…

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