Monday, 23 November 2009

Kasabian Rock Out Wembley

The word phenomenal sums up slightly last night’s extravaganza. Having their London
dates sold out back to back within hours of sale, you expect the boys to throw out
something special.

Taking the place of Oasis it seems these guys had a lot of pressure put behind them
especially for the London fans. Being played at none other than Wembley, the crowds were beginning to become trapped like sardines in a tin as they scampered to the front.

The Sheffield born Rockers, otherwise known as Reverend and The Makers showed their
support by playing a few hits before, to really get the fans in the mood for the show. They performed classics like ‘Heavy Weight Champion of the World’ which become a household track for many. However most of the middle-aged men were more captivated by Laura Manuel, the only woman out the bunch, in her tight short black number as she played the keys.

The arena was jam packed now, as spoil sport as it sounds I was rather glad to be seated near the stage. I didn’t quite fancy being bruised from head to toe in the moshpit as fans were raging a frenzy. As usual everything went dark before they made their grand stage entrance. You could feel the heat building up from all the anticipation of excitement.

The psychedelic foursome blasted it out like there was no tomorrow. Psyching up an intro, up to the space of 15 minutes, that is hard to do, when you want to keep the audience’s interest. Lights were flashing beyond belief, wrapping them up in a box in the centre. It was quite a sight, I have to say.

Bursting into ‘Empire’ was a perfect choice to start the show off. It blended well with the maxed out intro which had fans stargazed from the start and bringing goose bumps to the surface of my skin. All four of them had a vital part in the performance, all in eye view, not showing nerves at all.

Performing track after track with their old and new releases really kept the crowd going. Having the audience singing word for word back to them was pretty serial.. Every single soul was out of their seat giving all the energy they had left. Nothing was predictable; every song had a twist one way or another.

The highlight of the night was the guest star appearance from Noel Fielding ( Mighty Boosh’s middle man). He performed with the boys through the single of ‘ Vlad the Impaler’ where he also appears on their video. He was all over the stage, playing well to the character of a serial case murder(no acts took place of course).
To end on a high, this is a strong statement to make but one of the best shows I have seen this year.

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