Monday, 23 November 2009

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Being a mouthful of a name Get Cape Wear Cape Fly is a pop electro acoustic / emo assemble made up of Sam Lloyd Duckworth and his band. Apparently the name comes from a ZX Spectrum magazine, of the solution to the Batman computer games. Right.

Being around for five years or so they have definitely learnt a trick or two.
Duckworth grew up in none other than South end, Essex and still only being 23; he has gained some skills under his belt. Whether this is from going on tour with a variation of bands like ‘Flaming Lips’, ‘Ok Go’ or just storing years of experience along the way.

Atlantic Records signed multitalented Sam to their label after playing many gigs throughout the years with both punk rock band Silverskin and of course Get Cape Wear Cape fly (otherwise known as GCWCF. If it helps).

Releasing his debut album not soon after ‘ The Chronicles Of A Bohemian Teenager’ became an outright success. Leading it to be in the top 100 of 2006 by Q and NME. Which burst his festival schedule to the max with the big names such as Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds.

Not ending there, he was nominated for best solo artist for the NME awards against Lily Allen and Jarvis Cocker. But sadly did not win this time. But got the chance instead to perform at the BBC Prom’s that isn’t so bad heh?

Taking disappointment on the chin well he released his 2nd album ‘ Searching for the How’s and Whys’ which was released in March 08. Featuring guest vocals from platinum selling artist Kate Nash on the track “ Better Things” but you will also find Billy Bragg on there too. Who wouldn’t want to buy the album?

The first single released from the 2nd album was ‘ Find The Time’ which reached number 33 on the UK Top 40 chart. He also performed in the most talked about C4 programme to date ‘ Hollyoaks’ as part of gig staged in the village. If that isn’t fame what is.

On a different note, he has had run-ins with the BNP after a racist attack in a nightclub two years ago, and has now become an avid supporter of Love Music Hate Racism. As well as being a fair-trade supporter.

Being at a standstill for a while and taking on other projects. It is exciting to know there are some demos up on the old MySpace that are really not bad. It shows what a break can do. Check them out, as this guy has potential. I’m sure he will appear out of the woodwork again.

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