Sunday, 16 May 2010

Operator Please-Artrocker

Hello guys, can you explain what ‘Operator Please’ means?

As far as a specific "meaning" it doesn't really hold one to be honest... ha! It was more of a brainstorm to find a name that didn't start with "The"

Your new single is ‘Back and Forth’ - tell me a bit about it.

Back & Forth is the 2nd single set for release from our album. I guess this is the most ‘girly’ song I have had to date. For such a long time I was too scared to show a tiny bit of vulnerability in my songs, but I guess there comes a time to do these things, eh?

You also have an album looming too; would you say it’s different to your previous work?

I think it is. For me it was more about refining the pop influence in our songs. I think this record is a little bit more direct and allows room for gaps and spaces rather than having 5 instruments pushing forth all at once.

Lyrically, I think there is less of a mask too. On the last record everything was metaphors, inviting people to make their own interpretations. This time around I stripped away a bit of that and became more direct.

How big is your fanbase over in Australia?

I guess we go all right? Ha ha. We're not Wolfmother, Jet or The Vines but I think it's pretty decent. Everything is just a stepping stone in the grand scheme of things though.

Operator Please has been around for a several years now, any regrets you would like to share?

It sounds optimistic but I can't really pin point anything that I want to stab myself over! I think what bothered me a lot was releasing 'Ping Pong' as a first single rather than a 3rd or 4th... but then there are reasons that counteract that decision as well - so it's a bit of a ‘catch 22’ really.

What is your biggest achievement as a band so far in your career?

Being able to keep making records and touring in other countries other than your own. I think it's one thing to be able to achieve touring your own country and building something solid but to then get the opportunity to take it to a totally different place is a whole different level.

You have had a few members in the past, are you five going to stick together for a while?

I'd like to think so! But I guess because we've been together as a band since high school and grown into touring life, people eventually change. Some people can't handle being on tour for long periods of time and some people can't handle working in a close proximity to 4 other people. I can't really say. I do think that the band is currently the best it's ever been.

What are your plans for the next couple of months?

We'll be rolling the album out - and promoting it. We are doing an Australian tour with Tim & Jean + Chaingang which will be amazing. It's always good to tour with friends and writing and demoing in any down time we get. We are pretty much playing shows though from here on in! Hopefully see us later on in the year!

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