Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Artrocker-The Islington Boys Club


Who are the Islington Boys Club?

We are four boys from Islington who play really good music.

In the last couple of months or so you have really come out of the woodwork. Where are you headed?

We would like to release a record - that’s the most important thing to us at the moment - hopefully by the end of the year. Bigger venues would be a lot of fun.

You're all very different from one another. Does this cause conflict or enhance you as a group?

I think it’s a really good thing, we do have a lot of different influences and I think that’s what makes for interesting music. The guys will bring new music in, and it might not be something you'd listen to in the first place. We're just really open minded, up for discussion and we all work together.

So who's the brain behind the music?

We all take responsibility, we're all in charge of our own roles. We all work together and mix together. However we all have to agree on the song for us to play it live and record it. At the end of the day we all have the same goal, as long as it doesn’t bore us or the audiences.

How would you describe your music? I find it tricky to pinpoint to be honest.

What we really like is that loads of people say different things. We would say intricacy, contrast, dynamic... but we have very different comparisons to other bands.

Like Who?

Suede, Blondie, Placebo, The Who...

Who in the band gets the most attention?

Well if you're in a band, no-one really comes up to you to say they think you're good - it's always about the other member etc. It’s one of the hardest things when you are starting out as a band, having constructive feedback. Having critical feedback is quite hard to come by but it’s really good to hear. In answer to your question... we are a collective, we all get the attention.

How long have you been together for?

We have been together exactly a year.

What's your biggest achievement to date so far?

I don’t feel like we've achieved that much... apart from Daniel’s moustache. Ha ha!

Anything else you would like to add?

We are playing Stagg and Dagger, No Time of Heroes on the 29th May and June 10th Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.

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