Monday, 10 May 2010


The Union Chapel couldn’t off been anymore convenient for the sister act duo and friends otherwise known as Cocorosie. Selling out both nights, I was doubtful this was going to be a good night and had very high expectations. The mind blowing atmosphere was intense with urging fans waiting around in the semi circle of pews packed out right to the back, it was overwhelming.

The core of their music is a slash between a wide range of opera, hip hop beats, drum and bass twists, and blues, how does this possibly work? It doesn’t matter, the sound is original and has never been experimented before, or so I know. Maybe it’s the French influence or maybe they are all just being eccentric genesis with no boundaries in the way. In other words very talented individuals.

With several studio albums under their belt their next album to be released is ‘Grey Oceans’ which is out this week. They offered us various tracks of the album giving us a taster for what’s going to be in store. Having a mixture of all ages as an audience, they really must be doing something right to have such an appeal.The girls were all over the stage, playing instruments from all categories, it was remarkable. This is what you call real musicians who enjoy playing music.

I found myself perched on the end of my seat throughout the whole evening, I was truly captivated with their nonsensical lyrics and of the edge beats and faultless show. Cocorosie have a list of endless gigs over the next couple of months taking them all across Europe. So if you fancy seeing something creative and innovative, Cocorosie are up your street...

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