Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Band Alert- FilthyNights

Who is Filthy Nights?
Sam, George, Ant and Tom. Four radical dudes from Tunbridge Wells.

There are many rock punk alternative bands out there how are you different?
We'll be the ones stuck in your head for the rest of your life. We like to think we're the punk band for rock fans and the rock band for punks.

What's in store for you guys this year and your ambitions for the future?

The rest of this year we really hope to record a new EP. We've also got a single coming out in October and a tour to back that up.

What is the story behind the band?
Sam, George and Ant started playing around summertime 2008 and came up with a few tunes. Then about 6 months later they decided they needed another guitarist to help progress and that's when Tom joined. We then re-jigged some of the old songs and came up with a few new ones.

What musical influences have put together Filthy Nights?
The Stones, The Clash, punk, rock n roll, indie, all sorts. We find that most of our influences come from individual songs rather than the whole back catalogue of one specific band. For example, Ultravox have the album HaHaHa which has a few good tunes on it, but the rest of their stuff definatley holds no influence over what we play.

Any exclusives you would like to share with us?
We're releasing a single in October, along with the tour (dates announced soon) and have just been confirmed to play the O2 academy in Islington on 25th September.

Who is the brains behind the music?
Sam being the front man comes up with a lot of the stuff. But we all work hard to fine tune those ideas and turn them into masterpieces! We've had songs come together from just jamming, and others we work on for weeks!

Last but not least why should we listen to Filthy Nights?
We're not scared to experiment and we want to give everyone the kick up the arse that they need to realise that having fun is the most important thing in the World. We're not just a band, we're a gang. At our shows we encourage participation. No pretention, no preaching, just partying.

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