Sunday, 29 August 2010


As I entered the scenic Brecon Beacons of Wales, I felt a sigh of relief and a sudden burst of anticipation to be leaving the heart of London town. Selling their tickets out in record time, Green Man Festival has become vastly popular over the last couple of years, entertaining our brains with an astounding musical line up, comedy, theatre, literature and other additional activities.
Pulling in headliners like The Doves, Mumford & Sons, Flaming Lips, Joanna Newson and Laura Marling to name a few. They really couldn’t go wrong as an independent festival who managed to grasp on upcoming bands who are just finding their feet in the industry.
Apart from the torrential down pour on Friday, it started like clockwork with an assortment of acts taking place amongst the four stages, making it incredibly hard to make the decision where to go next.
Friday’s highlights kicked off by the familiar O’Children, who performed their psychedelic post-punk tunes to a packed out audience, of some of whom were there for support, others hiding for protection from the rain. Their gloomy trips and deep lyrics interlinked with the black skies, becoming unexplainably endearing.
They say never judge a book by its cover and this was surely the case with The Boxettes as they are five regular girls from South London just waiting to be discovered. Their extraordinary talents mixing with a beat boxing phenomenon left my stomach turning with excitement. All blending well together, their timing was right on key making the word unique a definite understatement as my mouth was firmly on lock down as they left the stage. Do I really need to say anymore...?
Fuck Buttons did their thing as usual, making my feet move from start to finish, leaving me lost in the music. Their concentrated passion throughout the set didn’t go unnoticed bringing crowds in from left right and centre. After that it was anyone’s guess...
Saturday kept the high going with the young multi talented Mancunian’s, Egyptian Hip Hop, who seemed daunted by the outcome keeping their heads firmly down, however this didn’t faze them keeping everything minimal yet imaginative.
Saturday’s all stars goes to the Flaming Lips, who produced a mind-blowing set, releasing giant balloons, streamers, bright colour strobes and Wayne Coyne going across the audience in an inflatable ball. Despite being crushed beyond belief the burst’s of adrenalin really kept me going but this needs to been seen to be believed.
Darwin Deez, Field Music, Bear In Heaven, Laura Marling got Sunday afternoon rolling, preparing the evening folk for exclusive treats. Several enjoyed the heat wave lounging around while listening to their favourite tunes while others mooched from tent to tent.
The vastly popular Mumford & Sons and Joanna Newsom ended the rural festival with a blast, a perfect ending some might say. However it wasn’t an end for me till I caught up with Gold Panda’s electro beats before he goes off to the American shores.
See you next year.

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