Thursday, 19 August 2010

Artrocker.TV’s 5 bands to catch at Green Man 2010

Heading off to the delights of Green Man this weekend? We thought we’d hand it over to our reviewer Holly Eells to give you the low down on who she’s eager to hit up in mid-Wales, and nabbed a couple of them for a chat…

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Green Man might long have been sold out, but as Girls’ frontman Christopher Owens told Artrocker: “The jobs not done until everyone goes home talking about what a good time they had, so we'll celebrate later”.

“This is the year of playing every festival I’ve never been to before,” he continued, offering up who else he’s keen to catch at the festival “I hope to see, El Goodo, Egyptian Hip Hop, Islet, First Aid Kit, and I've always always wanted to see Joanna Newsom so there's a lot I'm looking forward to”.

Artrocker: Have you got anything special planned for your performance?
CO: “I plan to heal the sick and turn water into wine. Our management and UK label are Welsh; I think this festival may feel a little closer to home than others for us. Other than that we're waiting to see, just like everyone else.”

See them: Far Out stage, Sunday

Flaming Lips

One of the main draws of this Brecon Beacons extravaganza are the legendary Flaming Lips. Still going strong after 25 years, it would be an utter tragedy if you didn’t spare a thought to see them headlining the main stage for the Saturday line up. Largely respected in the music industry – possibly for being as mad as a box of frogs – they will be offering us eagerly awaited new material from the forthcoming double-whammy that is ‘Embryonic’ (release due October) and, fingers crossed, they will be playing an old hit or two.

See them: Main stage, Saturday

Egyptian Hip Hop

It seems the Artrocker favourites are offering up a bit of a love-in when it comes to shout outs, if EHH’s list is anything to go by anyway: “Flaming lips, Metronomy and Girls. We’ll probably see some more, but those in particular”.

Artrocker: Have you been to Green Man before?
EHH: “Nope, but I hear it has a good reputation as a festival”.

Artrocker: Have you got anything special planned for your performance?
EHH: “Perhaps, you will have to wait and see really”.

Artrocker: What makes Green Man any different to any other festival?
EHH: “The location I guess is something different, but I don’t know that much about it”.

See them: Far Out stage, Saturday

Hands up. Our very own Holly Eells can honestly confess to not really being a fan of the fetching Johnny Flynn. Not for the fact that she don’t like his music, just due to the fact she’s not getting head over heels to indulge in this sudden craze; as yet. However, Miss Eells is really intrigued to catch a glimpse of the young folk singer, and there are great expectations of what he might bring. No doubt there will be many admirers on the day too.

See them: Main stage, Saturday.

These New Puritans

These New Purtians have had their name splashed all over the place in the last couple of years, catching a fair share of discerning eyes. Continuing their success, following the acclaim for Hidden earlier this year, they’re headed in the right direction with their “anti-experimental” twists and visual sounds we’re excited. Let’s hope they blow us away.

See them: Far Out stage, Saturday.

With these hot potatoes as well as O Children, Avi Buffalo, Tindersticks, First Aid Kit and Wild Beasts to name a few, we wish you all happy camping!

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