Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Shock Defeat

Hello Nick
Where are the other boys?

Oh sorry it’s just me is that ok?

Yes it was just a general question...

Oh I see (laughs...), they are most probably enjoying the sunshine having all the fun and I get left with the work.

This usually the case?

Yeah I’m the responsible one.

Anyway let’s move on, what is Shock Defeat?

Erm... that is a very abstract question. We are a group of friends who decided to start a band. We had never been in a band before but we liked the idea. We found that to our surprise that other people enjoyed it too. Pauses for more than 5 secs... I’m not being very articulate am I?

No its fine, but shall we move on to the next one... I hear you like to go to kids parties to get your ideas of acapella post punk progressive style, how does this work?

It’s my friend’s daughter 2nd birthday party this Sat. I’m not sure how many ideas we will get from this one. I think two year olds have a lot of energy and it’s the energy we try and challenge to transform through our performances.

Who has the obsession with cats?
Me.... It’s an internet thing. Cute cat pictures, cute cat videos it just seemed appropriate somehow to pay our respects in some way...
I don’t get the obsession personally..

You a dog lover?
No, I have cats, but I never seem to find the humour in them, maybe it’s me..

Your music is intense but I can’t decide whether you are slightly eccentric or world class geniuses, what you reckon?

He made me repeat it three times...

I thought you said that but I just wanted to hear you say that a couple of times. I don’t know, we just do what comes naturally to us. If that’s eccentric then that’s what we are, we just do our own thing.... I guess a lot of the stuff we are into like Dezo, weird stuff from Talking Heads, if you think that’s eccentric then I guess that’s what we are.

I’m a fan of Talking Heads and speaking of fans, I like your music why is there not a lot of gigs happening at the moment?

Pure laziness, we have about six or seven in the next couple of months.

Do you think girls fancy you more because you are in a band, have you been successful?

Of course we do... laughs. All chicks love guys in bands..

Yes especially eccentric ones...

Laughs... yes I guess sex appeal comes with the territory.
Well I think I will end this hear on that note, take care and all the best with everything!!.


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