Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Artrocker- Savoir Adore interview

What does Savoir Adore mean?

It's a French phrase which isn't exactly gramatically correct - but what it roughly means is 'what to love' or 'how to love'. As cheesy as it sounds we were talking about the beauty of the French language and we thought: what’s important? This name quickly popped up!

Are you two romantically involved?

(laughs) No - we're pretty much best friends. Deidre dates one of my friends Dave, he’s the drummer out of French Horn Rebellion. I play for French Horn Rebellion sometimes; we are a tight unit of friends.

Is Brooklyn the place to be in New York to find music?

New York attracts a lot of artists but Brooklyn is just affordable - there are a lot more venues popping out and it’s affordable compared to Manhattan. Brooklyn is a hot bed for opportunity at the moment for bands starting up and a lot of them
move there, like East London over here.

What's the source of your inspiration?

It’s sort of our friendship as the material - us just having fun, who we are as people and finally working together. We have very different musically tastes and it all about trying new things, as you can see by our music.

Who is the biggest celebrity you have on your mobile phone?

(laughs) It's cheesy I know but It would be my dad, he is a jazz musician. He is a well known keyboardist and has played with the likes of Jeff Beck.

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