Thursday, 22 July 2010

Band Alert- IC1's

Who are IC1s?

Dan: The name is police jargon for white European, but my brother-in-law was a jungle MC called 'IC1' so in true Coburn tradition... I stole it. Now its a 5 piece rock and roll band from London.

How is your sound different to any other band out there?

Dan: Well for starters its not shit. The radio these days seems filled with mediocre bands that wouldn't be out of place playing at a school fete. Most of the time I have to turn the radio off before I smash it up. We deserve our place on the radio, if only to keep radios in tact.

Ok...I hear there have been some changes to IC1 care to share?

Jesse: I had always been a fan of the band and thought there was something missing from their sound. Two members left the band and me and another mate of ours stepped in and now the sound is complete... completely brilliant.

What's in store for you guys this year?

Jesse: We have some great gigs lined up for the next couple of months. We are playing the Barfly in Camden on the 5th of August with Charley Coombes and The New Breed (previously of Supergrass). With a few smaller gigs in between we then play JAMM in Brixton with Proud Mary for their new album launch on the 4th of September. We have got the backing of Left & Right Records so we are looking at playing bigger venues and festivals by this time next year.

Are there any bands in particular that are taking your fancy at the moment?

Dan: I am really into this band called IC1s, boy is their lead singer good looking. Bands at the moment aren't really doing it for me, I still wake up in the morning and throw on The Beatles. I don't need any other band apart from us and them.

Who's the brains behind IC1 and who writes the lyrics?

Dan: For the want of a better word. I am seen as the leader, I have written all of the music and lyrics so far. That's not to say the door isn't open for the rest to bring in songs... it just hasn't really happened yet. I think people get writers block around me.

What are IC1s dream goals for the future?

Jesse: To play at our respective school fetes. Like a mini tour. Sports day isn't ready for us just yet.

Dan: To obviously become the best band in the world, we already are, we just need everyone else to realise that.

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