Thursday, 8 April 2010


There was a period when double denim was an ultimate no no on the streets of London even if you were nipping down to the local laundrette it was surely frowned open. It was a fashion trend that never seemed to be forgiven amongst the style conscious and many of these tragedies haven’t made an appearance since. But now Spring/Summer 2010 has had a dramatic change of heart and brought the natural disaster of the 80s back into full swing and turned it into the must seen look of this season. Well one of them anyway.

Being one of the most discomforting looks of the century, it has been advised to keep the fresh look alive, it must be worn from head to toe. Yes you heard that right. From Chloe adding the patchwork jean effect, to Twenty 8 Twelve keeping the soft tone to a minimal, and House of Holland is adding a hint of edginess with their ribbed and frayed touch to the collection.

Do you think this can really work? I believe so. Every designer has taken advantage of this DD frenzy and mixed it up with their own creational skills and given you every option possible to make this trend work for you. Starting off with a range of textures like thick, cotton, tencel, knitted denim and even as far as spandex denim, it’s all coming back.

However this hasn’t just been displayed on the cat walk, the important faces from all over town have been daring to sport this innovative development. Kayne West has been seen to be adventuring out in the most ultimate awful denim look of all time. Resurfacing the sky tone jean jacket and collaborating it with the good old regular jeans. With Zac Effron being a customary fan of the two tone and David Beckham always being top of his game has been taken in to this controversial trend also.

As for the ladies not wanting to miss out on the latest trickiest trend this summer has had to date, many have given the green light and given it a bash and not many have fallen. Alexa Cheug always being a trend setter in her own right, has given the look a few tries, with the classic shirt and jeans being one of the visuals. With Pixie Geldolf mixing it up a tad more with the denim crop top and thick dark denim jeans. No one can be seen to be getting this look wrong nowadays, the more denim the better seems to be doing the trick.

This denim configuration which was given snubbed looks and negative gestures ever since the early 80s formed this imagery, it has been turned into a genesis formation of work over night. Could this ever be wrong again? We will have to wait and see. But why not give this look a bash while you still have permission to do so, or you may live to regret it.


Andy said...

Weird how these old styles are coming back around. This lad at uni used to sport double denim and had a 'DD' nickname as a result. Not a fan myself!

Islington Boys Club said...
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