Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Islington Boys' Club- Artrocker


It may seem a strange contrast to fill up a night with a melodramatic rock band, a grime artist and a comedy sketch - but somehow this evening it works. Arriving on what feels like the set of Only Fools and Horses and being offered a cup cake, you immediately get the feeling that promoters Turn Off The Radio have pulled something special out of the bag.

Enough about the night through - let's talk Islington Boys Club, who are captivating from start to finish. Singer Andy Lovelee is unquestionably made to be a performer, and he reminds me of a young Brian Moloko. It's not entirely clear whether he's late on stage because (a) he's fixing his barnet or (b) he just wants to keep us in suspense - but as soon as he's onstage, the band are off on one.

Bursting with enthusiasm, it soon becomes apparent that this Victorian pub is far too small for where these guys are heading. Each band member has their own distinct look, yet they all work together to produce something quite stirring.

I can't quite make out the lyrics, but to be honest I sense it doesn't really matter - the power of the band's music is addictive enough on its own, filling up an absent crack in my musical tastes that's long been waiting to be fed.

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