Monday, 12 April 2010

My Tiger My Timing- Don't Panic

My Tiger My Timing

New Cross’s latest five piece new rave pop sensations are more than just a band. Anna, the lead singer from the group aka the leader of the pack, lets loose and divulges their latest conquests of record labels, dirty habits and being best mates with no other than Andy Pence from New Young Pony Club. Holly Eells gets to dig that little bit deeper into the world of My Tiger My Timing...

What does My Tiger My Timing mean? I find it really confusing.

(Laughs) A lot of people say that to us. It is actually a name of a song from a guy called Arthur Russell. He was a musician/songwriter from New York based in the 80s and we were really influenced by his stuff. It’s a song title and someone suggested it and we thought it was something different and it really stood out. Subsequently a lot of bands at the moment have the name Tiger in their name.

What other band’s have the name Tiger then?

Well everywhere I look I always seem to see bands with the name Tiger in it. Like Pull Tiger Tail, Three Trapped Tigers, I just see them all the time. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m uber sensitive!

Being the only girl, do you tend to rule the roost or does this lead you from being left out at times?

I don’t feel left out, I feel I’m one of the guys when it comes to the band. I have a brother in the band but I feel like all the boys in the band are my brothers. It's quite nice being the only girl as you get away with not carrying the equipment but you get the fun side as well. I’m definitely joining in on all the banter!

You mentioned you had a brother in the band. Does this cause rivalry and who’s most likely to go home and moan to mum?

(Laughs) That’s probably me. I do more of the moaning. We have a really good relationship, but you do have the occasional flair moments when we are away on tour. There was a time when he threw a drink in my face and I slapped him.


It’s what siblings are like, it’s healthy.

Who is the most irritating and has the worst habits amongst you all?

OMG, that’s a good question. The worst habits I think belong to Seb our keyboard player. When you meet for the first time he is very much a gentleman, very poise, but after a couple of drinks he is a rock and roll animal!! He is always the one ending in sticky situations but I can’t really repeat some of the stuff he has done. Everyone can have their annoying habits.

What other exciting things have you got coming up?

We have a lot of things coming up at the moment. We are writing new material which we are really excited about. We have been going for a couple of years and last year we spent a lot of time playing live and you don’t get much time to write. We are doing a small tour in Germany in May, we have a few festivals such as V Festival, Stag & Dagger and Isle of Wight Festival, so a few in the pipeline. The Summer is starting look really good for us as we are very DIY.

Well you have obviously made it because you are on Wikipedia!

OH? (Laughs) That is definitely news to me. Wikipedia is always that thing I go to catch up. I need to check it out and see if it’s all true.

Please share something with us that you haven’t done already?

We used to run our own label called Snakes and Ladders and we are thinking of relaunching that. As we are based in New Cross, the label was just based in our local area. We were thinking about doing events as we have friends in bands and it could be something fun. That is something that most people don’t know about us. It will be good to make friends.

Cool, we will have our eyes and ears open for that one. Who is the most famous person you know then?

We have been working for a long period with Andy Spence from the New Young Pony Club. You don’t see him as well known til you see him on TV or something like that. He is really down to earth.

Thanks guys best of luck with everything!

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