Friday, 23 April 2010


Holly Eells talks to bassist Matt Fletcher.

Hello, who is Electric Child House?
Our group of friends are very electric characters; we all have a lot to save for ourselves.

Well what have you got to say for yourself then?
I suppose our biggest frustration is people who are happy just being average normal people, with no goals in life. We got a lot of soul.

What makes you different to any other psychedelic garage band out there?
I think we have a bit more of a rock and roll edge to us, we really like the Rolling Stones, so we are trying to get more of a performance rather than pretentious, looking at your feet and that sort of thing. Were we want more of a rock and roll aspect to it.

Being four boys is there a lot of competition between you all?Joe (drummer) and I are the only two singles one, so there is only a fight between us for the girls.

The music front?
When it comes to writing music there is a bit of democracy. If someone has something for the table we work on it .We all have an equal say but sometimes it will be one person vice versa

Who has really got the brains for the music?
The guitarist Ronnie comes up with the structure, ideas and suppose he is the one with the vision musically and the lead singer writes the lyrics, I helped out with the lyrics. Joe drums away.

Main influences on your style of music?Bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Primal Scream, Black Angel, The Doors etc. All psychedelic American Bands.

What is your plan for the next upcoming months?
Our singer is going away for a couple weeks, while we will carry on writing which takes time. After that we will be looking for some more gigs.

What inspires you to write?
Obviously listening to music, we just get into a room and have jam sessions and see where it takes us.

Will this be different material?
Yeah I say it’s more rocker edge to it, we like to keep our psychedelic sound intact but I think it’s going for more like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. But we like to still keep it tripping.

With your break, what are you hoping to achieve and what’s your biggest ambition?
Our biggest ambition is that we want to be rock stars at the end of the day; I mean a proper big rock star that is the dream. Our plan is to get more followers, new music, more gigs and then take it from there really. So far so good, we have been gigging for over a year now and it’s been going really well with great feedback.

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