Sunday, 11 April 2010

Peggy Sue@The Relentless Garage- Don't Panic

Peggy Sue are a young indie folk trio, who took the world by storm Monday night, well the ‘Relentless Garage’ that is. Swapping and grabbing any instrument possible amongst one another, they really managed to keep things in order. They are known for teasing the audience for a despicable encore. Heading on a European tour in the next coming month with Archie Bronson Outfit, this was nothing but good practice for the young brood

Ever since Peggy Sue merged out of the pipeline in 2005 I was never really a fan, if I’m being brutally honest. Changing their names from Peggy Sue and the Pirates to Peggy Sue and the Pictures, they have finally settled with Peggy Sue. I am first to admit it when I am wrong and I throw my hands up and surrender to the fact that these young folk have something special.

Selling out their biggest gig to date at ‘The Relentless Garage’, Highbury, this is a massive achievement for the trio who had permanent grins slashed across their faces while performing to the eager crowd. Packed out from door to door everyone managed to secure their spot to catch a slight glimpse at the headliners.

Playing various tracks from previous releases and giving us some tasters from their new album Fossils not Tantrums, they really went down a treat. Nerves were there but very well hidden. Their blues alternative jive is really addictive and the chemistry between Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw is incredibly intense as they have everything down to a key, making the goosebumps rise to the surface of my skin.’ Salt Water’ for me was my favourite example of this. Pitch perfect throughout the show on vocals and I have never seen a band with so many talents for a long time.
Swapping the accordion, to a broken acoustic, and a ukulele on hand, plus adding a twist of a miniature string section to the act. What more could you want from a Monday night showing! All their tracks seem to be personal to one or the other. The dirty south rockabilly approach is distinctive compared to other recurring bands that have the same old drone throughout each track. Its edgy, it’s lively and they offer you humorous entertainment.
Receiving a first ever encore from fanatical fans, they really pulled themselves together well from all the attention. Nerves never got the better off them and at the end they all joined forces to end the show on a phenomenal high.
Their schedule is jam packed for the next couple of months travelling around Europe but be sure to catch this talented young bunch on their return.

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