Thursday, 10 June 2010

Active Child- Artrocker Magazine

Active child is an intellectual young musician otherwise known as Pat Grossi who is part of the untainted talented hopefuls to come out of Los Angeles. He produces undisturbed music that feels like it has never been touched by human kind. It makes me undergo into a spiral world of peacefulness with no ending to the tranquillity, in other words gone to heaven and back. There is no better way to describe his sound other than it’s angelic vocals have been twisted with a new- wave of sensations and vibrations with a touch of supernatural darkness caging in from time to time.

In his childhood he joined the Philadelphia Boys Choir, where he gained his exceptional gospel harmonies with the effortlessly high pitched notes. His naivety seems to come to good use making the sound become untreated and organic, fresh for the newly ears. But with the samples of lightly fitted percussion, which comes across well with the electronic drums passing through.

With his new 6 track EP Curtis Lane looming around the corner for release on May 31st, why don’t you give yourself a sneak peak of this pure academic and make judgement for yourself. Each track has its own twist of experimental looseness but it still maintains the psychedelic down-tempo flow that it needs. I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from Active Child in the near future, don’t let him take your heart.

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