Thursday, 10 June 2010

New Band Alert- I Am One Project

Who is ‘I Am One Project’?

We are Jamie Wallace and Oli Rose.

Your sound is a cross between hip hop and folk, how did this collaboration come about?

Basically, we met at the University of Westminster on the commercial music course, as a part of one of the module were we randomly got assigned into band. Oli and I by chance ended up in the same band, we had to write like 6 songs, each song representing a member of the band. When Oli and I started writing the vibe, they were just crazy!!! Me and him definitely connected whilst we were in the band and wrote two songs in the module ‘I am Blessed’ and ‘Who Am I’ which became favourites on the Smoke Radio Station. (The university’s radio station)

What can people expect from an ‘ I Am One Project’ live show?

We like to mix things up when we play live. We have so many different sounds whether it be a produced track a full band track or even acoustic. We like our fans to see a variety of these tracks when they come to see us live. We work with 7 amazing session musicians who bring such a vibe to our performances. The full band is just mad... it really get’s the audience going. We are starting to experiment with produced tracks live now and it is definately something to look out for in the future!!!

You have a debut single which is set for release on the 31st may, tell us more about it and why should we go and purchase it?

The track is called Night Time Calling and we wrote it about a year ago. We have had the acoustic version for a while now but wanted to get it re mixed to release. We worked with Rebel Sonix... he is signed to Eight FX and is a pretty well know dubstep producer in the underground scene. He completly changed the vibe of the track and it all just fell into place. This is our first single and it’s just sick to finally release something after all these years of hard work. There is a video to go with it which you can find on youtube too!!!

Where can we catch you in the next couple of months?

We are in the studio a lot for the next few months working with producers like Nocturnal (Dizzee Rascal, Tine tempah) so we won’t be doing too many gigs. We have a headline show booked for 27th June at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen which should be a big night. Keep checking the new website to hear about new gig and releases! It’s by the way.

As we know you both have different background influences, would you like to share any?

Jamie: Too many to mention but the obvious ones like Jay Z and Drake and changed my outlook on music!

Oli: Same, there are too many but James Taylor was a big influence for me growing up

Anyone you are taking an interest in at the moment you would like to shout about?

Just anyone who is putting the time and effort in. It isn’t an easy industry but you got to just keep going for it and not give up. We want to give Nocturnal a big shout out. He is an amazing producer and we are really looking forward to getting some stuff down in the studio with him. Also a big shout out to Rebel Sonix who remixed the single for us. You should check out some of his other stuff on youtube... very talented!

Last but not least, is there any top exclusives that we can hear first?

We can’t tell you exactly what it is right now....sorry.... but keep your eye on our new website for the exclusive news coming very soon. We will be coming back to see you and tell you all the info then.

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