SiaThe Roundhouse is known for continuously pushing the boundaries of music and performance - and this was surely the case tonight, with singer songwriter Sia. The Australian DIY soulstress re-invented the stage with knitted creations, a psychedelically decorated piano and band members in wild garments.

Captivating the audience with every word, she had nearly every young hopeful busting some bizarre grooves on the floor (although it should be said, some should stick to the bedroom mirror for future reference).

Her music was energetic, dynamic and vibrant, offering the exact opposite to what I'd imagined this lung popper would offer. Although I was only familiar with the soft ballad ‘Breathe Me’, I was presently surprised with the various selections of songs she brought to the table, such as the perfect summer anthems 'Clap Your Hands' and 'Fight' - which really brightened up the place.

Tonight was about more than just intimate love songs; I got to familiarise myself with a whole different side to Sia - her cleverly run lyrics, uniquely colorful personality and entertaining show made me consider exploring more of her back catalogue.

Just one note: less of the natter and more of the singing, next time, please.