Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Band Alert- Trash Kit

.Who is Trash Kit?
Rachel Horwood, Ros Murray and Rachel Aggs

. Or maybe you should be called the three R's? Anyway how is your sound different to any other band out there?
whoa hard question! I dunno. We're just into making a racket and having fun, it's not a competition to sound different, that would be too much like hard work.

. Any exciting plans this summer?
Well I am excited about this big party i am having at my parents house, we've done it twice before and all our friends bands are coming to play, it's always a load of fun. Ros will be on holiday for that though! Rachel H is going to Korea for a month too!! so we're on a bit of a hiatus but hopefully touring in october with Grass Widow. In the meantime I'm doing stuff with my new disco band COVERGIRL. You won't find us on the internet because we're too new! But it's gonna be so wild.

. Cool will watch out for that.Any bands that are taking your fancy at the moment?

GRASS WIDOW! They are pretty great, so are BRILLIANT COLOURS and FINALLY PUNK from america but the UK bands im into are just all our friends - WOOLF, WET DOG, LA LA VASQUEZ, WAY THROUGH, PEEPHOLES, TEETH, COLD PUMAS, COREY ORBISON, DRUNK GRANNY, DIVORCE (could go on and on) otherwise im not really listening to 'bands' more like cool stuff from Ghana and Haiti and i'm really into this album of wierd spacey comedy music from the 70s called SCI FI PARTY.. we're all listening to a lot of Kate Bush at the moment too..

. What made you form Trash Kit?

The other Rachel an I always wanted to start a noisy band with lots of drums and singing but reading this zine called Shotgun Seamstress.Listening to bands like New Bloods and then older stuff like DNA and Y Pants was a big part of it too.I also felt like there was no one making this music that we had in our heads, so it made sense to just bash it out

.Biggest highlight of your career so far?
Definitely hanging out with the Raincoats in the Butlins caffeteria at ATP and also playing with them at the Scala when they played thier first album

. What are Trash Kit's dream goals for the future?
Well our dream goal used to be playing with the Raincoats!! So now we're a bit confused...

.Anything else you would like to add?
Oh we are releasing two 7" soon, one on Upset The Rhythm and one on Club Milk records with WOOLF on the other side, we recorded that one in Rachel H's living room and I think it's gonna be pretty FRESH!!

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