Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Turbo Fruits- Artrocker


What is a Turbo Fruit?

It’s a name I stole from a gambling show in Glasgow 2005.

Nashville has had some fair talent spring out of its shores; do you think you're going to be next to strike it lucky?

We are going to beat our asses until we earn it... I wouldn’t say we are going to be lucky.

Why do you say that?

I think if we were going to be lucky it would have already happened. We are going to keep on working hard till we get the level of success we want to be.

You've got a tour coming up - what do you miss about being on the road?

Common language, Mexican food, Taco Bell, bed... and reliable hot weather. Your weather is crazy over here!

You have a single set for release; care to share some details about it?

It's called ‘Get Up Get on Down Tonight’ and is out on the 14th June... it has a video which is pretty cool.

I thought the video was great - it features drawn on moustaches, frying cassettes and drinking poison... which one of you came up with this spectacular idea?

I called a friend of mind up called Travis Nicholson, who I've known for quite some time. He is an actor/director. We brainstormed for a while and decided to do it at my parent’s farm. He really came through for us. We literally had a couple of hours to come up with the ideas, and had a short time to put it all together. Matt had to go early so in the video we got to kill him. (We have wanted to do it for months!!) Then Dave had to go so I poisoned him..

To catch the attention of Drew Barrymore for her first directional debut is exciting, tell us more?

It was all really random... There's a guy in Nashville who runs Next Big Nashville, which is a music festival. They were looking for a young garage band (for a film). I said we were up for it, but because other bands had submitted too I didn’t think much of it at the time. Then we received a call saying that we got handpicked by Drew Barrymore to be in the movie, and they want to fly us up the following week...

What's Drew like?

She was really nice, sweet, productive... always busy and she never stops working.

Do you think she has helped your career?

Well it gives people something to talk about but I don’t know if it has helped our career.

Jonas, does your previous project Be Your Own Pet have any influence on your music now?

I wouldn’t say it has influenced Turbo Fruits in any way, but it hasn’t gone a whole 180 degree turn either. I still have the same influences but it doesn’t effected Turbo Fruits in any way, if that makes sense.

Are you the mastermind behind Turbo Fruits?

Ha ha I guess I am... Dave and Matt fortunately have been touring with me and not everyone is up for doing that. I’m the main artistic supplier but we are going to work on some new music together.

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