Friday, 18 June 2010

Animal Collective visual video ODDSAC- Artrocker Magazine

The experimental psychedelic Animal Collective has teamed up with the familiar Dave Perez to make a movie, featuring visuals to accompany their music otherwise known as ODDSAC. It has taken over four consistent years for this audio-visual to transpire but it has turned out to be a legendary piece of art. Being 54 minutes, excuses will be hard to make to skip this rare indulgence to mankind, as the tracks won’t be available in any other format apart from the film itself.

Being numerous albums down, they have surely gained adequate experience on the way and you can really see their craftsmanship skills in this short film. What you can expect from ODDSAC is something quite adventurous with various twists of content then sudden daunting sides luring you in all the way through the clips, keeping me on edge most of the time. Combining the audio and the film together it really entices you in to this Hell Raiser and it seems this was the most eccentric thing the boys have ever done so far to date. Blending the contrasts in to each other the audio really gives that extra affect for the screening.

The freaky images were enough to give you nightmares, with the multiple narratives that were always intriguing for the eye with concrete material as always. With some points during the viewing I felt myself falling for a psychedelic hole.
Already being screened across North America, they have now brought it over to theatres near us, where we can witness their unconventional skills coming to good use. Fear not the DVD will be set for release in June if you can’t catch it before.

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