Monday, 7 June 2010

Erol Sabadosh

Who is Erol Sabadosh?

Erol is a DJ, guitarist/musician, American studies & film graduate and geek.

Where are you based?

London; I spend most of my time either in Mayfair and Central London or Shoreditch and the East London area.

You are known for your exceptional skills on the decks, can you give us a taster of what a typical set would include?

A typical Erol set would including a good dose of electro interspersed with indie and hip hop; that's the kind of stuff I love to play. My own personal music taste is mostly focused on guitar music since I'm a guitar player myself. I'm really into blues, rock, grunge and indie and various sub-genres like shoegaze, slowcore, lo-fi, post-hardcore; I'm a real indie music geek and I think a hint of that influence can be heard in the kind of club sets I play, although my DJ style is quite eclectic at times.

When did your career start to kick off for you?

I've only really been DJing professionally for just over a year and it's just recently that things have started to kick off; landing residencies at Circus and Ponystep was great for me because I got to play with established acts like William Orbit, The Noisettes and friends of mine The XX. Last fashion week was great for me because I was asked to do a bunch of afterparties, including the Vivienne Westwood afterparty which was certainly a big deal. As a resident at Bungalow 8 I've got to meet and play for people like Jay-Z, Solange, Jared Leto and Natalie Imbruglia which has been fun, it's a great place to hang out. Me and Solange had a particularly entertaining night; she's really passionate about music, particularly indie and hip hop and I always love talking to fellow music geeks.

When did you start taking an interest in DJing and are all the mixes done by yourself?

I first started DJing while I was at university for a weekly indie/electro night which I was co-curating along with other campus events; it was at this time I got to warm-up for acts like Erol Alkan and The Horrors. I did this for just under a year and this was my real learning period, that's roughly how long it took for me to become really comfortable on the decks and it was after this that I moved on to DJing professionally. I don't remix all of my own tracks, nobody really does that, but I do frequently post my own set mixes which are available to download for free on my SoundCloud page.

What’s your preference vinyl or c.d.?

I started with CDs and I've stuck with them, I don't use vinyl and I don't like to use a laptop either, I find CDs to be the most functional and versatile for my chosen style.

You are a man with many talents like photography and modelling where do you find the time and would you pursue these any further?

I only really personally enjoy art photography, which is more of a hobbie than anything else for me, although one day I would love to put together a book of my own images. Modelling isn't something that I've done a lot of, but it's something that I've considered because I have strong contacts in fashion, but ultimately it's not what I'm passionate about so music is always going to be my primary focus.

Favourite venue?

I can't really say that I have a favourite venue, it very much depends on the event and the crowd which can always vary.

Who is the biggest name you have worked with so far?

I'm working with some interesting people at the moment, but it's too early a stage for me to really talk about it, but in terms of who I've DJ'd alongside the list is lengthy and includes the names I've mentioned so far as well as MGMT, Patrick Wolf, Macy Gray, Boy George, Skin and another band I'm friendly with and love, Bloc Party.

Where does Erol want to be in five years time?

Either based in London or New York, DJing across the globe, continuing to work on my own music and playing in a band, producing and hopefully having a good time while working on projects that I'm passionate about. Music is my life and I need to be immersed in that world otherwise I don't know what else I would do.

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