Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Culture Deluxe ( Beni ft Sam Sparrow) -Maximus

Maximus is the new release from the sensational Beni who has teamed up with the Grammy nominated Sam Sparrow to make this a summer jam to stick. This track is a perfect little number to get you moving and grooving all night long.

With Mr Sparrow’s luscious lyrics he really draws you in deep. A Perfect match, they really work well together. Only having about two sentences in total throughout the track, the repetition doesn’t tire like some; it makes you move even more. It shows less is more in this case. It’s a vast come back for Sam Sparrow as he has been a bit hush hush recently maybe this is why.

It’s great to see he can go in different directions and not stick to the same style of music over and over. Nice one. Beni is fully booked right through the next couple of months in Australia but we he returns over to the U.K be sure to catch him doing his thing.

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