Thursday, 30 July 2009

Culture Deluxe (Casio Kids- Finn Bikkjen!)

I never thought these words wouldn’t be pending out of my mouth, but they have and it’s too late to turn back. When I first took a listen to Casio Kids, my immediate reaction was ‘ooo ohhh’ it’s in Norwegian. How am I going to get this? Fear not, if I can be swayed you most certainly can. These ultimately good looking boys (well some) have gone for something with a bit of a twist and it has really worked!

You don’t need to know what they saying, they could be talking about dogs wallop for all we know, but who cares, its genesis. To me they are the Norwegian version of ‘Hot Chip’ but adding that extra touch of afro beat and taking me somewhere hot.

Finn Bikkjen! Is the new single from Casio Kids. Hitting the shops this week and also making it available on download, why don’t you be a bit adventurous and give these young lads a listen.

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