Friday, 24 July 2009

ITUNES-Noisettes & Skint and Demoralised

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This year, Rockfeedback is delighted to be the official blog partner for the rather exciting iTunes Festival, taking place at London’s Roundhouse every night in July. Over the course of the festival, we’ll not be missing a night, delivering morning-after reports on everyone from Oasis and Bloc Party to Franz Ferdinand and Kasabian playing intimate sets to fans lucky enough to have won tickets to the shows.

Skint and Demoralised are a young boy duo straight from the heart of Wakefield. They are a slash between Mike Skinner and Scroobius Pip, which makes you wonder, do we really need an in-between? We will see... opening the night with a full blown poem raised a few eyebrows at the start, but it got the party moving eventually.

Young girls all huddled over the barriers trying to catch eyes with 20 year old front man Matt Abbott who was lusting and loving every moment, what boy wouldn’t. Stretched out in his clean white and freshly ironed shirt, trying his best to impress the young gals, he selectively picked one raging teen to come on stage, making her move and groove to forthcoming release ‘Red Lipstick’.

You wouldn’t think they were so new to the game, as these young northern lads put on an exceedingly good front. Their lyrical soul pop sound is catchy but very samey to everything else that is out there at the moment. Nevertheless there was a lot of support for them, but nothing could be beat what was next to come.

Phenomenal - that’s how I would describe The Noisettes. Glamour shines from them from head to toe taking me back to the 1920’s with the big bold blacked out screens, Shingai Shoniwa captivating us from the top of the Roundhouse, having every single face locking eyes on her as she sings an acoustic version of ‘Wild Young Hearts’. She couldn’t look any more flamboyant, managing to get whistles left right and centre.

Adding a full blown out orchestra has really seen the Noisettes go that extra mile. Flicking her shoes off without a care in the world, sipping drinks from wherever she can find them and still not missing a note, Shinghai’s is the kind of talent doesn’t come around very often but her and The Noisettes have it, and they are sounding better than ever.

All bouncing of each other, the connection between them was on fire. This beauty is such an entertaining character with so much physical energy; god knows how she does it. Balancing on drums, crowd surfing off stage and running on the bar below to give us some one on one time with Sometimes’ lead to the crowd below to go into a sudden halt of shock and leaving the seated audience above gripping the edge of their seats.

Disappointed as I was it had to come to an end, they saved the finest till last. Blasting out the hit of the year ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’ with Morrision banging the drums like never before, they even managed to get the seat stickers out the chairs for this all time showdown.

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