Thursday, 30 July 2009

Rockfeedback (Mafia Lights)

Amidst its trek around the 1234 Shoreditch Festival, Rockfeedback caught up with up and coming melody men Mafia Lights, who had this to say for themselves...

Rockfeedback: Could you introduce yourselves please, and tell us what you do?

Joel: “I’m Joel, on lead vocals and guitar. James plays bass guitar. Cameron’s on lead guitar and Toby drums.”

RFB: You’re all young and have looks on your side, but what makes you different to any other young group of lads with guitars out there?

Joel: “We aren't adverse to melody when writing, which maybe some bands currently are. I'm not saying were by any means aiming to be a pop group but I'd say we have certain sensibilities that can be found in more mainstream music that we aim to try and incorporate with more technical ideas. Whether that really sets us out from other group I’m not so sure, but that matched with our varied personalities and tastes hopefully gives off something new to people listening or watching us.”

RFB: What does Mafia Lights mean?

James: “It was a conspiracy about alien communications on Earth... and it’s also a spelling mistake.”

RFB: Spelling mistake?

Joel: “It was supposed to be 'Marfa Lights', but we spelt it wrong once, and it's stuck ever since.”

RFB: Describe your music – why should we listen to you?

James: “Each and every one of us has very different musical influences, and the process of song writing often consists of an idea being pulled out in four different directions until eventually it all falls back together. We all attempt something diverse with every song, so each one is distinctly different, whilst still having something linking them together. I think this creates a depth that's often absent in modern music.”

RFB: Where can we catch you in the next coming months?

Joel: “We’ve just played the 1234 Festival after show at Old Blue Last which was packed out so we are looking to carry on with similar sort of ventures. We are going to be playing some more London venues in the coming months that will be visible on MySpace. We have a planned trip to head over to Warsaw in Poland for a few shows. We are, however always on the lookout for as many gig's as possible and want to try and play anywhere and everywhere.”

RFB: How do you deal with the female attention?

Joel: “Direct it in Cameron's direction!”

RFB: If all fails what’s your back up plan?

James: “Discipline ourselves to ensure we don't fail next time!”

RFB: Who would you say has influenced your music?

James: “The majority of all the musicians that have ever existed, everyone who falls between the like of Beethoven and Zappa.”

RFB: What do you want to achieve as a band?

Joel: “Simply, as much as possible. Any band who says they want to stay 'underground' or don't want to be 'popular' are either liars or know they aren’t good enough to deserve attention. Hopefully that doesn't sound too arrogant but we wouldn't put in to this band as much as we do if it wasn't going to mean anything to anyone.”

RFB: You are all completely different characters - how did you get together?

Joel: “James and I have been best friends since about 7 years old and have obviously grown up together with similar tastes and influences, so when the idea of a band came about it was an obvious choice to group together, even though we were at rival schools. We mucked about with the idea of a band for a while before I asked Toby to join. Then everything began to piece together. Cameron joined last year after the departure of our original guitarist and we haven't really looked back since.”

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