Friday, 17 July 2009

ITUNES- Dan Black & La Roux


This year, Rockfeedback is delighted to be the official blog partner for the rather exciting iTunes Festival, taking place at London’s Roundhouse every night in July. Over the course of the festival, we’ll not be missing a night, delivering morning-after reports on everyone from Oasis and Bloc Party to Franz Ferdinand and Kasabian playing intimate sets to fans lucky enough to have won tickets to the shows.

Dan Black

Neon is back everyone, strong statement I know, but it’s true. That doesn’t bring a smile to everybody’s face, but when you are presented with a night of Dan Black and La Roux, you make some allowances to trend. The two are a perfect match.

I’d high expectations for Dan Black, as I’ve been listening to the fella for a while now. All dressed up to the max and with a full shebang of colour to the face, he was giving it his all. Being packed out upstairs and down it was great to see fans for both artists showing their full support. However, the sound, oddly for the Roundhouse, was struggling, and sadly put a downer on things somewhat. Yet Black pulling out a couple of my desired choices made up for it all - ‘You and Me’ and ‘Symphonies’ (the radical mix of Rhianna’s Umbrella and Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Hypnotise’, the catchy little number which has marked Dan Black’s name) the two aces up his sleeve.

La Roux

Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid together make up the frenzy that is La Roux. This month’s most talked about act kept people waiting, leading to impatient clapping, yet when they ascended to the stage people seemed to instantly forget the long wait and started flashing their cameras.

Glows sticks emerged out of nowhere, and the games commenced. Holding on to the well known hits for some time, they took us through their debut LP, La Roux, a record which revels in one song sounding like another.

You have to remember how new to the big leagues La Roux are, and as such it’s understandable that the film crews and huge audiences seemed to make Ms. Jackson a little nervous. That said, her interaction with the crowd both physically and verbally was charming, and will have only won her more admirers.

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